Police Interview Questions And Answers

Police Interview Questions And Answers

Hi, the police oral board consists of police
interview questions and answers. In this case, to be specific, a police scenario
question and answer. These police interview questions are part
of the police officer selection process. The question in this video is typical of the
questions to ask a police officer candidate. You and a fellow officer are eating lunch
at a local restaurant. When you’ve finished eating, and ask for
the bill, the waitress tells you it’s free. And you are not charged.
What would you do? A free meal, sir?
I might ask if she made a mistake. Well, on the other hand, it would make sense.
We’re here to keep the area safe, and they obviously appreciate it.
I’m not going to argue with her. I’d give her a big smile and leave quickly.
Why make a fuss? It’ll improve our relationship with the
restaurant. Jeez, take it when it comes.
It’s just a meal, no big deal. They’re just being friendly.
Police are supposed to maintain good relations with the public they serve.
I think that was a good reply. What do you think of my reply?
You and a fellow officer are eating lunch at a local restaurant.
When you’ve finished eating, and ask for the bill, the waitress tells you it’s free.
And you are not charged. What would you do?
I’d thank the waitress, sir. And then I’ll let her know that a free meal
isn’t necessary. And that I’d prefer to pay.
If she insists, I’d leave enough money to cover my half of the bill.
And leave. I can see where the restaurant is coming from.
However, accepting gratuities will shed a bad light on the department and the profession.
It’ll lead to problems down the road. If my partner doesn’t pay his half, I’d
speak to him outside the restaurant. To see if he’ll change his mind and pay
for his food. If he doesn’t pay, and takes the freebie,
I’ll let my supervisor know. Do you think that was a better reply?
What you’ve just seen is quite typical of law enforcement interview questions asked
during the police oral board. It’s among the common police interview questions,
the questions to ask a police officer candidate. This police officer interview question here
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It takes you to where you can find the other six videos in this police questions and answers
series. Best wishes in preparing for your police oral
board questions. I wish you every success at the interview.
Your badge may just be one good interview performance away.

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  • @thatonepieman that is very respectful of your management to offer a free drink to public service employees, with that being said I would take the free drink and tip the amount of the drink or pay for another persons drink.

  • Law enforcement code of ethics says "I will enforce a law courteously inappropriately without fear favor malice or ill will, never employing unnecessary force or violence and never accepting gratuities "this is the oath officers take when they are badged."

  • dam lol the first guy said what i would say and i was thinking, oh yeah im going to ace this interview then i heard the X noise lol

  • How many push ups can you do?  Have you ever hit anybody?  Are you a fire-setter?  Do you treat minorities different?  What is loyalty to you?  How fast can you run the fifty yard dash?  What pisses you off and why?  Do you like girls?  Would you give another cop a ticket?  Can you control your spouse from abusing your authority?  Have you ever seen anybody die?  Are you willing to get killed because of your stupidity?   Can you eat twenty years of BS for a pension?

  • Hmm, I'll answer this before I get to the answer. If a waitress told me that it was free, I'd respond as such: I would not accept the free meal and I would let her know that "I appreciate the thought and gesture, but I will go ahead take care of the complete tab". Although meaning well, it would be unethical and inappropriate of me to accept this, just because I am a law enforcement official.

  • I think that's ridiculous lol I give cops free stuff all the time and it's because usually manager of the place told me so…

    And would you ever use your job to access information about your ex.

  • The guy asking the questions sounds like the narrator at the beginning of every Law and Order episode. "This is my side job." #DunDun

  • Police Oral Board Interview
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  • Good day, sir! I would like to know, how am I going to answer if the interviewer asks "How are you related to (a higher rank cop)"? Should I tell the 💯% truth or I'd do the opposite to avoid complications?

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