Police Interview Questions and Answers For The Police Oral Board

Police Interview Questions and Answers For The Police Oral Board

Hi, what follows is a police interview questions
and answers. It is is typical of the interview questions
for police officer candidates. This is to help you prepare for the police
job interview questions you’ll face before the police oral board.
Preparing for your law enforcement interview questions and answers will improve your chances
of success. One of the officers on your squad, who is
a very good friend of yours, shows up for work and you smell beer on his breath.
You believe he has been drinking.po You also believe he has a drinking problem.
What are you going to do? Well, sir.
I guess you’ll only know if he’d been drinking if you go up close to him.
So I’d let him know to stay back from people. Until he sobers up.
I’m sure it’ll wear off in a few hours. I’ll cover his back during this time.
It was probably just bad timing. Maybe he’d just come from a party?
I’ll have a word with him at the right time, tell him he’ll get in trouble if it keeps
happening. I’m sure he’ll stop doing it.
Hey, I work with this guy. I’m going to cover for him, as he would
cover for me if I were in the same situation. We have to look out for our fellow police
officers. Our buddies. I’m really happy with the reply I gave.
What do you think of that reply. Is it a good one?
One of the officers on your squad, who is a very good friend of yours, shows up for
work and you smell beer on his breath. You believe he has been drinking.
You also believe he has a drinking problem. What are you going to do?
Oh, I hope this never happens to me, sir. Because I’ll hate doing what I have to do.
But I’ll have to do it. I’ll immediately inform my supervisor.
Even though he’s a good friend, his actions could put people in jeopardy.
And it’s not good for the police department’s reputation.
This officer carries a gun and drives a patrol car.
Being under the influence of alcohol puts far too many people at risk.
Much as I’d like to, I’ll have no hesitation in pulling the trigger on reporting his behavior.
I’d tell my buddy, sorry, I have to do this. You’ll understand when you sober up.
Was that a better reply? That law enforcement interview questions is
a common police interview questions. It’s taken from Mark Denton’s guide entitled
Ace Your Police Oral Board Interview. You’ll find more police officer interview
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This is link that can be clicked on. It’ll take you to where you can find the other
police interview questions. Thanks for watching and good luck with your
interview. I wish you every success.
Your badge may just be one good interview performance away.

19 thoughts on “Police Interview Questions and Answers For The Police Oral Board

  • This is really disgusting. This isn't the SATs or a Math Regents exam. This is interviewing people on their character and moral fortitude, and all this guide does is teach any piece of shit with a clean record how to pass the oral exam by giving scripted responses. You should study for tests about facts and procedures, but you shouldn't have to study for a test about the right thing to do. This is just more proof that the police business is completely psychotic.

  • Not to mention the fact that there is most definitely a code of silence among cops who get pulled over for drunk driving, using drugs, planting evidence, raping people, using tasers in non-life threatening situations, and even committing murder in cold blood. And I didn't just make this up, there are many well-known examples of this.

  • Oh, so you just lie like any other job interview. Cops will cover for each other even if it's a felony that harms other people or ends up wrongly imprisoning innocent people. They sure as hell aren't going to rat on a fellow officer just because he has beer on his breath.

  • Well, this is just an add for a book and doesn't look as if it has anything to do with any police agency. They're just trying to make money, do you really think they care about morality?

  • That's the point I'm making, that they don't care about morality. No one in the institution of police cares about morality.

  • Are you SCARED girly-boy?  You better not be scared on patrol in some demilitarized neighborhood boy!  You better pack the gear to get the job done boy…!

  • I would confront the officer by asking him if he was alright and let him know that I can tell that he has been drinking and that he does not appear to be in the right state to be working with the public, especially given his role and responsibility as an officer and that he needs to address a superior at the very moment to let them know that he isn't in the right condition to perform his duties. If he does not take the responsibility, I will briefly let the supervisors know the situation which I am observing and have them take care of the situation. If he went out to perform his duties of the day and something happened, me knowing this ahead of time – but not doing anything about it, I would be more or less responsible as well.

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  • Check this out when I was interviewing for the Compton Police Department in Compton, CA: https://youtu.be/dVdM92UtyPI

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