N. Korea claims “important” test conducted at Sohae satellite site

N. Korea claims “important” test conducted at Sohae satellite site

North Korea is stepping up its pressure
on the US as the regime’s year-end deadline approaches for progress to be
made in the nuclear negotiations today it said it conducted a very important
test on Saturday at a missile engine test site it promised to destroy last
year experts think the test could have been a solid fuel engine used for ICBMs
Oh jung-hee reports North Korea claims it conducted a quote very important test
on Saturday and it saw a satellite launching ground Pyongyang’s state-run
Korean Central News Agency carried a statement Sunday
issued by the North Academy of National Defense science it says the test was
successful and the results were reported to the Central Committee of the North’s
ruling party meaning essentially the regime’s leader Kim jong-un the results
it said will help the North change a strategic position saw his satellite
launching ground refers to the North’s missile engine test site in poontang me
it’s the one that the regime partially dismantled last year after the Kim Trump
summit in Singapore in June in promised to completely dismantle at the
inter-korean summit in last September a couple of days ago CNN had reported some
new activity observed at the site suggesting that the North was moving to
resume missile engine tests Pyongyang didn’t provide details on what exactly
it tested on Saturday but experts think it was a solid fuel engine the North has
been working to acquire solid fuel missiles because they’re quicker to
launch and harder to detect the North’s latest test implies that the regime
could at any time resume the ICBM tests that have been on
hold since November 2017 the North is further pressing the us to show
flexibility in the nuclear talks by the end of the year pyongyang has warned
that it will walk a new path if those negotiations don’t bear fruit
by year’s end it has recently said it’s Christmas present for America is
completely up to the US to the side o dong Yi Arirang news

6 thoughts on “N. Korea claims “important” test conducted at Sohae satellite site

  • Everything that's wrong with that damn country and they think this is the way forward? I guess i'm too far away from korean mindset to understand. I'd try peace and cooperation to see if i could improve the quality of life for those suffering. I just hope the north korean govt. realizes NUKES=TARGETS for military action.

  • On a related note… Perhaps now that President Trump and Kim Jong Un are like peas and carrots, the now beloved "Rocket Man" may be able to contribute a few ideas regarding our esteemed Chief Executive's soon-to-premiere new Reality Show "Space Force." It's going to be BIGLY YUGE, with great ratings. After all, its creator is a Very Stable Genius who knows all the best words and builds things. That's what he does. Builds things. But of course there are more important things he needs to deal with right now, the top three priorities being:

    1. Composing tweets (that are't incoherent) to refocus us away from the LIBRUL WITCH HUNT and calling into "Fox and Friends" to share his wisdom regarding the same topic (monologues that aren't the rambling diatribes of an insane man-child, congenital poltroon and pathological narcissist).

    2. Holding Hyper Partisan Bund type rallies and Wham Bam Thank You Mam Nuremberg Spectaculars to entertain and motivate crowds of our finest enthusiastic Murkin hillbillies.

    3. Checking in with Vlad Putin for directives and strategy updates – in return for the millions of dollars he was gifted by the Russian Mafia in the 80s and 90s so that he could financially recover from a series of real estate deals that were sabotaged by libtard child molesters who congregate in the basements of pizza restaurants that don't have basements.

  • America hasn't given up its nuclear ambition's either , seems though a symbolic eventuality of further detente or further bleeding out of both sides understanding that this will create stabilty in their rockets and ignorance of powerful nations wanting to defend weakened states. It's a predictable pattern like the rocket which only purpose would be suicide of the State and it's leader or maybe they hope for a limited engagement and settlement better than already extended.

  • I get sad when i see this type of stuff. We hope for reunification of the two sides free of the kim family working in a way like belgium where they have two governments in a single country where the leader is chosen by the electorate. I will drink a glass in honor of that day happening. peace and prosperity to everyone!

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