Question number one.
Taku Taku asked. So Taku Taku was the first
person that asked me questions regarding my YouTube channel. So he asked, “What do you
think of my channel? I just asked because I would like to
know about other people’s opinion.” Okay. Your YouTube channel was.. [Thumb up] [Like] …like this! It’s okay. Great! That intro was good although
it’s simple but you know.. …your intro from the very beginning
until now, it has changes! I suggest make a new good intro.
Maybe like as my intro just now. What do you guys think? Okay? Okay. Question number two. “How do you have the interest to
make videos on YouTube?” I have interested to make videos on YouTube
since when I’m in secondary school. At that time I want to share videos of me
and my friends was in school hostel. So, the first medium to share the
videos was through YouTube, so it easy for them who’s wanted to watch. Because that time, I can share
the videos by CD (Compact-Disc), but I’ve found that YouTube are the
easiest way to share with friends. Question number three. “Who are the Local & International
YouTubers that you know?” Okay. Our local YouTuber… Because before this it’s not so popular.
So for now what I remember was.. IniAnwarHadi. You know. He from Kedah. MatLutfi. One more is KyoPropaganda. That was the YouTube channel which
I remember for now in my country. For the others, I’m sorry for not
mention you guys to them. Lately I’ve found DurianCrew. Thank you for inviting me to be
one part of the community. Thank you everyone! Hello y’all DurianCrew! Okay. Question number four.
Taku Taku asked, “How do you get interested in Anime?” First time that I was
interested in Anime since I was in second grade
in primary school. On that year, my parents
bought ‘ASTRO’. (TV SATELITE). There was a channel called ‘AXN’. That was the moment when I found
and love anime series, ‘Ranma ½’, the first anime which I loved. And on that moment, I started to
love anime so much until now. SINCE EIGHT YEARS OLD! There are plenty more anime on
those years like ‘Sakura Wars’, ‘Cardcaptor Sakura’,
‘Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin)’. But long time ago they have ‘Doraemon’ too. Since I was a kid, I didn’t know that
‘Doraemon’ was anime series too. I thought it was like a normal cartoon,
not until I knew on my 8th birthday. Question number five. Taku Taku asked, “How do you get interested
to join Malaysian Itasha Movement – MIM ?” Okay that question. I can answer.
Of course I can because it’s for me. XD I love anime. Since I have Facebook, I always
active on few anime groups which from other countries. So, I also love car too,
since my secondary school. I have decided to combine them. Car. Anime. Or vice versa. I searched on Google. I found
‘ITASHA’ and many other terms. After that, I started to
search in Facebook. And then I found ‘Malaysian Itasha
Movement – MIM’ group and page. I tried to join, and then
they approved me. So, then I asked members, introduced and so on with all the ‘Senpais’ inside the group. There asked and I answered regarding where
I’m from, where I was study on that time. When I said that my studies in UNITEN, I found
out and met them with Jihadi and Jose Rizal. So that’s why I close with them.
Our ‘SENPAIS’. XD “That’s all my questions. Congrats
on your 6K subscribers! :3” These was my old questions which
I have posted last year. I didn’t have the chance to
make one Q&A video before. Okay. Next question is from my
previous post on Facebook. The first question from my friend Ik Wanz. What money? I didn’t remember them.
Did I loan from you? Private message me okay. Nasi Goreng TomYam + Nasi Goreng TomYam + Eggs + Nasi Goreng TomYam + Eggs
+ Carrot Milk Juice Me? Kawaii? That’s so Kawaii! XD Ameer, you ask me about ‘Overwatch’. I know that game, although it’s new
and or not since last year. I don’t know it can do or not. I think
it’s not. Correct me if I’m wrong. Next question. “When do you got to
have a stable internet connection?” “When do you want
to hang out again?” What kind of hang out? On
the internet or outside? You have to specific a little bit. I
sometime didn’t understand and confuse. When do you have time? Just ‘pm’ me.
Okay? Easy. “…hungry….” If you are hungry, just eat something. “Mufuya.. when do we get to meet
and play games together again?” Tell me when. For now, anytime I can.
But you have to tell me first whether
I have free time or not. “When do you want to treat
me prepaid credit?” If I can come, I come. But if I
can’t, it’s depend on money and time. “Why becoming a YouTuber? Because I like to share with people.
What I want to share, I share. Sometimes, I like to follow like
those who known by people. Why I want to become a YouTuber?
Because I want connections. Like acquaintances, friends,
pals, buddies and more. The more we find connections, the easier
we can get close to lots of people. Follow the trends. If the trend was
not good, I don’t follow them. I always think first before action.
Remember that. “What the best thing you like,
when you became a cucumber?” I make everyone healthy.
Drink cucumber juice! Firdaus Ahmad asked, my friend from
school, “If you are a blender?” I’ll take the cucumber, put inside the
blender, blend, and drink the juice! Dele asked. One of
members from DurianCrew, “When do you want to enter
DurianCrew Discord Server?” Private message me first. If
there are an event, just pm me. Because I can’t always have the
time to enter the server, and because the reasons
which I mention earlier. “Raver or Hipster?” I don’t choose either both.
I don’t like it. Joe asked, “Who is your
best man on your wedding?” That. I don’t know when I will get marry. I still
don’t know who are going to be my girl? XD Sustenance, Effort and Pray. That is it. Amoeba Hazwan asked, “Anime
or Japanese cartoon?” Is it the same? Right? I prefer to call Anime
because it easier. Okay. For you information, I was so
moved, excited and so happy because I’m one of the
DurianCrew members. See our link, see our Facebook
page, our YouTube channel. We are still growing. Although our members
had their own channel, but we will does collaboration with all
those who have free time for DurianCrew. And I’m sorry for not know that
you guys (DurianCrew Members) had a live stream event for the
300 subs special last week. Just pm me if you
guys start an event. Please don’t forget me! :'( I’m so good looking today. You guys know that I
just got back home from career festival in my town. I see few vacant and role. I didn’t get
the interview because I found that a lot of them from manufacturer
and construction company. So the jobs were not suitable and
a little off from my study. But if it’s the job near from my
study, maybe one day I got the chance. I’m not jobless, I role as
promoter for a bank at my town, mostly to find civil servants like
teachers, which want to make a loan.

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