MINDHUNTER | Season 2 | Official Trailer

MINDHUNTER | Season 2 | Official Trailer

– [Man] January 1974. They’d just moved in two months prior. My partner and I were first on the scene. He was feeling for a light
when something bumped him. That’s when we found the little
girl hanging from this pipe. – [Man] Jesus. – I found someone to take over, who’ll be very good for the BSU. He wants to expand the unit and he intends to make
our approach practice. – Tell me, who’s the one
you want more than anything? – Manson. – I’ll get you Manson. – This is $100,000. And it’s all yours if you
help us identify the persons behind the murders of
our children in Atlanta. – [Man] Another child
reported missing in Atlanta. – I’m sending you both, I want
you there for the duration. – [Man] For all these
children, one killer? – I believe that to be the case. It’s statistically rare for serial killers to cross racial lines. – It’s also statistically significant that the Klan kills black people. – [Woman] You get him out of there. If he blows this, then we’ll
rethink his investment. – [Man] I’m asking you as the
leader of your department, what did Holden say that
so offended the city? – [Holden] We need to stay focused. If you’re distracted. – [Man] I have some things
to deal with at home. It’s personal. – She had someone else’s
underwear stuffed down her throat. – It’s 10:30. Do you know where your children are? – This is one predator. – What if you’re wrong? – I’m not. – You arrogant, self-serving twerp. – We can’t have tunnel-vision, Holden. – [Holden] What evidence is
there to suspect the Klan? – Son, we’ve got 19 dead black children. You telling me that’s a coincidence? – [Man] One more thing. Manson is small, like really small. Try not to stare.

100 thoughts on “MINDHUNTER | Season 2 | Official Trailer

  • When they arrested the killer, there were no more children killed. But all the mothers had a, "feeling" it was a white man. There's your racism.

  • The lesbian sideplot was 100% pointless padding. Fuck that bullshit applying 21st century morality into a period peace.

  • Season 1was so fascinating and superb acting. I had no idea who Ed Kemper was,so I went down that rabbit hole, which lead me to other cases and killers. Season 2 is great so far. Great acting and story lines but already knowing the outcome of Atlanta Child Killer is very frustrating. No one listens to Holden. Lol I found the real life documentary frustrating as I watched. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to assume the killer was part of the same community. It was a different time then in Atlanta, racial issues- I am aware, but it was just so obvious. All the way around the cases are awful and sad. Reminder that psychopathy doesn’t discriminate.

  • i just finished watching the 2nd season , great screenplay ..great performance briefly i enjoyeed it! impatiently waiting for season 3

  • Great show but had to eye roll the CNN van promotion in the background. Oh the days when news organizations investigated and reported news and wasn’t a political tool. Great show though.

  • finished season 2 the writing was flawless i will never forget the end off S2 E4 I was left absolutely shell shocked, I Will NEVER FORGET THAT MOMENT !! Amazing Show Congratulations to the cast and crew we Need SEASON 3 , DONT BLUE BALL ME NETFLIX !!!

  • Love this show, it's quite accurate too. But the Tonka that Brian plays with is from '83 or later. That's a little mistake that caught my eye. 😉

  • Netflix at its original best, shame a lot of new stuff is poorly directed, visuals are pants and acting second rate. Not sure why they can't produce more programming like this

  • Just binged the whole season. Pretty great, maybe even better than last. I do wish Dr. Wendy Carr was more involved in the cases rather than just a few interviews and some romance drama lol She is just as good as Holden and with less of his tunnel vision/arrogance. They make a great team when the 3 work together (I do love Jim too)! I hope we won't have to wait another 2 years for the next season😭

  • After a recent dearth of decent TV thank goodness this impossibly great series returns and is even better than before,my one complaint-not enough Ed Kemper!

  • Such a great and well done show!!!!!!!!!!! Netflix you have started to spread yourself too thin with a lot of crappy shows – but THIS show, MINDHUNTER, needs 10 seasons!!! I am learning so much too since it is a true story. please don't ever cancel this or stop properly funding the making of this. Thank you!!!

  • You should consider releasing a documentary about MindHunter as well and the book with the real guys interviewed that they are based on in the FBI. I would love to know more official stuff about certain cases that they have already covered. Kind of like how you released the Ted Bundy documentary with the movie with Zac Efron (GREAT JOB btw)

  • "Help Save the Next Girl" – Netflix, you should look this organization up and speak with Jill Harrington – maybe you could do a high quality documentary about this – It is so incredibly important to get the word out

  • After watching season 2 can somebody tell why Wendy Carr needs to be on this show? Seriously, did her character have any impact on this season?

  • If this is set in the late 70s-early 80s, then season 3 would probably be a couple years down the line from that, and could introduce the Green River Killings in Washington State, and maybe as an added bonus we'd get Ted Bundy as a character introduced in an episode directed by Fincher.

  • Anyone else get Dexter like Vibes from Brian? Is his adoptive father going teach him a code? Why else even have that angle in the store?

  • Best show produced by Netflix, besides Bojack Horseman, right now. I wish the three season left could be as brilliant as the first and the second ones.

  • "Flights of [Devils], sing thee to thy [Death]!" — How does it feel, Mr. Gary Ray Bowles, knowing that you are now just 29 minutes from The Gates of Hell? – "Mindhunter"/Netflix fan – Thursday, August 22, 2019, 5:51PM (Eastern Daylight Time) 🙂

  • seriously good job netfleix,writers,dirctor and cast all of you what an

    season stright to the point no streaching and great story the waiting for season 3 gonna be hard

  • First attracted to the series after learning where it is mainly filmed, hometown pride. Then was sucked in by the pure quality of plot, character development. I want to see more and more! Great job! Just not enough episodes!!

  • Очень интересный сериал,и замечательные актёры.Спасибо!

  • They spent a whole season chasing a guy who gets away. What an hilarious middle finger to the audience.

  • this season is 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. and is way better than the first season. Mind you Season 1 was amazing. What a quality content this show has been.

  • So S3 is on the way right Netflix ?
    Bloody well better be, competition's getting hot guys, netflix needs to keep us happy!!!

  • One of the best series on my list…what amazes me is the scripts, storyline and character building…slow and steady indeed but the end result are fascinating..i would give 10/10…plus i really fell in love with bill trench car in the series …plymouth is a real masterpiece car

  • I don't know why are they focusing and teasing BTK as the main villain. John Douglas actually mocked him saying that he's not that interesting, definitely not a genius, or high IQ person. He was able to stay away from being caught for so long, because he had unusually high self control, and forced himself to stop killing for decades. He had an easy access to the victims houses, because he worked as a alarm system installer. Other than that, he was just another perverted sick degenerate, who was also a coward. There's a scene in the show when he sees a potential victim, then drives away in frustration when the husband shows up. He was eventually been caught because he wasn't educated enough in computers

  • Ed Kemper actually watched the show and reads comments here. He has an access to the computer and the internet, 3 hours once every week, for good behavior. He planned to have a Q and A on Reddit, but Reddit didn't allowed him

  • How to fuck up season 2 good flip the character make Ford a none character get every none character to play all the rolls after 7 season 2 will now not watch your Netflix sjw crap 💩. Netflix got woke bleed that money silly. why are you stupid Netflix st u p idddddddddddddddd

  • Why is stranger things getting all the hype when this show is way more interesting and better writing? I even checked ST out and gave it a chance cuz of all the annoying hype just to find out its so boring………..MINDHUNTER better get more seasons and I need more episodes 9 is not enough

  • What does this mean? White people are really fucking disgusting and insidious. There, I saved you hours of watching how disgusting and ruthless white people are. LOL

  • Mindhunter is like a boring version of True Detective. Also, the pacing in the dialogue lacks nuance- people go into their lines a little too quickly wwhich gives the impression they just waiting to recite a perfectly crafted line. Sort of like 1.25 speed. Show just feels a bit off.

  • Am I the only one who had a hard time sleeping, great acting easy to relate to the real life serial killers…thank you Netflix for sleepless nights

  • First season was so much better, all this back story about the lesbian doesn't fit, especially when you factor in the time line of the story.
    Why does Netflix insist on pushing these narratives in just about everything.
    Save your money and just sign up for Disney.

  • Wow, eight episodes of two lesbians complaining about sex and their relationship. How not original. If you're producers and writers are going to stay so woke, please save your money and don't shoot a season three, since reading these comments no one will watch it.

  • Season one was really good season 2 seem like they might be writhing in a few modern day agenda that they want to push.

  • Excellent show and true to the time period as I have vivid memories keeping up with the news during my youth…in SF we were worried about the Zodiac Killer…only one comment I thought funny…that’s when the FBI agents were using cordless drills to assemble the crosses in 1981…they weren’t available yet…😉😆😁

  • Just wish they didnt make the FBI detectives all speak like robots. Especially the lady. Very annoying how they talk to each other..

  • Without getting into details… this show is mentally intense… I'd almost blame it for my headache if i were not under the tremendous amount of stress I've been under lately. Not for the faint in the slightest.

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