Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump

  • If we wanted to make America great again….why did he not start bringing more jobs back home and asking his son not to be involved in foreign explotation or opening accounts in Switzerland under fake named companies?

  • I can’t believe he referred to the out of context Charlottesville clip. This is what happens when you have no chance of running against someone with better policies. It’s all feelings not what’s proven and is now working

  • I dont like Biden, he definetly would not be getting my vote, but you cant excuse trump for his behaviour, and this is the first time Biden has had a coherent discussion without all the mumbling and talk about turn on the record player/

  • Joe cares so much about all the people effected by deadly diseases like cancer that’s why he wants to make sure that private insurance companies are allowed to continue to make billions off of denying people coverage and killing them

  • if all he; biden is saying, pipeing on about….why did obama speak for our public record. and i quote " Our best days are behind us ". ah bad and ugly feeling, very bad and very ugly !

  • I can think of 1.5 billion reasons this video is a Joke and Biden is a crook. While Bidens son got rich Thousands of Americans lost there jobs to Chinese Slave Labor and Currency Manipulation and espionage stealing Military and Trade secrets some of which were sold to the Chinese by Hunter Biden with his 1.5 billion dollar Chinese Communist Fund.

  • all these criminal companies are domiciled in Delaware because of the criminal laws and court enabled by vile garbage phony do nothing sludge like this creature!

  • Thank God for President Trump! Let's all watch this evil media fall apart. Bunch of liars and cowards. Biden is a slithering snake and he's running out of places to hide. God bless America and God bless president Trump and his family! 😎

  • The current democrats have set the Democratic Party back 100 years with their actions post 2016 election with the help of mainstream media. And the sad part is they are so blinded by their greed and selfishness that they don't care how much deeper they dig themselves and their party

  • My observations: Hunter Biden was supposedly given a job in an energy company of Ukraine or an oil exploration company of Ukraine while Biden was given leverage to deal with such nations as Ukraine and China on behalf of President Obama and Uncle Sam.

  • And yet Obama has not endorsed this corrupt lying Politician… go figure even Obama doesn't want to get involved….

  • Really you wanna talk about healthcare and guns now Biden? Do you even remember how many shootings took place when you were the VP? How about your sexual misconducts, would you care to tell people about that. The bribes you took from Ukraine and China? In 8 years in office you did not act on any of the things you are talking about today and all of a sudden you think you are going to act on it. It's nothing else than the fact that President Donald Trump Is a tough to fight and this whole impeachment nonsense is a political vendetta.

  • Why didn’t you and Obama help Ukraine during your term? You guys left Ukraine out to dry.

    You know, Trump didn’t start the nick-name “Lying Joe.”

    Let’s not forget you and Obama wanted to get us into WAR with Syria.

  • LOL at the comments. Americans are funny bunch of corruption loving idiots. I wonder how many people commenting are Russian assets.

  • " It doesn't disturb me that they steal my ideas, what disturbs me is they don't have any of their own to share." Nikola Tesla (G.O.A.T.)

  • They are really thowing softballs at Biden. Biden would never stand a chance against Trump. Trump is not worried about this guy at all. Trump wants to get to the bottom of the real abuse of power.

  • How do you guys get away with this? Night after Night? This is not a comedy show. It is a never ending DNC campaign ad.

  • Prison on your mind, Joe? Can you send me $50K per month, if I could lie, and play as your son. I could use the $$.

  • He ain't talking to Obama because them two losers don't want to be affiliated with each other, and yall are going down as losers again hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 TRUMP 2020,2024,2028

  • Don't forget to take yalls TDS meds.🤣 while I'm typing this did I just hear Biden say put one foot in front of your face? WTF

  • "Back in 63, I nearly got sliced to ribbons by three vicious negroes" – Joe Biden trying to win the black vote. Cornpop's finest milky friend.

  • The next political crook , this top in the politics and military are the biggest corrupt asholes in the USA , they lie straight in your face to make money and get power , now they are afraid bad things come out , corrupted crooks

  • Hey Joe how did you get rich , how many blood is on your family hands ,tell us the truth , I don't trust your face , I'm sure Kimmel is in Hilary's pocket

  • They released the transcript between Joe and his son:

    Joe: because you flunked out of school, I had to get you a job with an oil company in Ukraine.

    Hunter: but Dad, I don’t want to live in Ukraine.

    Joe: shut up you dumb ass. They are going to pay you $50,000 dollars a month.

    Hunter: $50,000 a month is a lot of money, but I don’t know anything about oil and gas.

    Joe: shut your pie hole son. And don’t let that Trump find out about this. Or we are both screwed.

  • This is why we need to keep every gun that our forefathers enabled us to have. This rodent sold his influence to another country and that is the definition of a traitor.
    Those guns are the only reason they have to hide their corruption.


  • Biden has to keep the waters muddy !!!
    It's a damn shame and disgrace that the Democrats are wasting their breath and our money trying to scam trump !!!! If you would do your jobs and stop this hatred ,but wait, you Democrats dont care about the people!! You want socialism !!!! But your not going to get it!!!!!

  • Why when the s… gets tough the Dems use the religion card like they really care like Nancy says we need to pray😂.. the BS meter is freakin smoking!!!

  • I think Joe is handling this crap good I would lose my mind on Trump if he came at my family like he is Joe's. Wouldn't it be great if the whistleblower was shara Sanders lol that would be amazing

  • The best to ever happen to Trump was dirty Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    The only thing better is the far left leaning outrageous current Democratic Party.

    Biden is dirty.

    TRUMP 2020

  • Why not ask him about his son who was being investigated by Ukraine and he went and said fire the prosecutor or no US aid money. Or maybe bring up the fact that he wrote the Patriot Act. Ask what was in those mysterious envelopes at GHWBush's funeral.

  • Kimmel, your show used to be funny. Since Trump’s election, you just became a mouth piece of Democratic Party. Well, if that’s the way to go, you will have ample material for next 6 years.

  • The scandal isn’t that Trump asked for dirt, the scandal is that Biden’s son took money from a Ukrainian natural gass company while his father was Vice President, despite having no professional insight that would be attractive for such a company. And when Ukrainian law enforcement started looking into the case, the states threatened economic repercussions, again, while Biden was VP.

    Biden is corrupt and untrustworthy.

  • TRUE ! the rest of the world is watching and laughing at USA, shame on those who elected such a clown and shame on those who did nothing about it. In Peru we have put an ex presidente in jail, another one has been impeached, and the Congress has been disolved by the force of the millions of peruvians on the streets. While in the USA Trump keeps being the face of a country that creates chaos. Shame on you

  • Jimmy Kimmel, is an ignorant fool and a wimp, this is such propaganda, if you believe this BS you need to pull your head out of your butt. lies lies lies, wake up fools

  • Creepy Joe Biden and family abusing their political position to strongarm Ukraine into dropping corruption investigation, …then blaming the family's crime on our President.
    What a dirtbag

  • Joe Biden was preaching to the Ukraine Parliament while his son was pocketing graft money in the same city. Does anyone believe Joe didn't get his piece of the graft. Follow the money.

  • I cried when he spoke seriously about the incredible pain that comes with just continuing on after having someone precious just ripped away from you. I lost my father to mesothelioma when I was ten, he was a roofer when they discovered asbestos was carcinogenic. My mother died this year after an excruciating battle with breast cancer after it spread to her arm and shoulder after the first surgery. In the dead of winter last year we had barely any money, no food,, lights, or heat. We lived with my paycheck from mcdonalds and our cats helped keep us warm when it froze. We had nothing but each other and our stories when it got dark. I listened as she sobbed, and screamed herself to sleep. Something I will never be able to forget is how utterly helpless and pathetic I felt. I felt like we were drowning in a frozen lake. And I just wish I had known what to do. Please..if you can help if ANYONE can help by providing more knowledge about fighting cancer or providing a more stable and accessible healthcare system please try. We can't do this by ourselves anymore, we just can't.

  • Why does he talk about the kkk – started by the dems, and civil war – a war that the republicans won to free the slaves.
    As for Jimmy – chugging beers & girls on trampolines was the real you – now??

  • Please google "Trump phone script released" click on the wikipedia link, then scroll down, then click on the transcript image and read it for yourself. It is very short, so it won't take long to read.

    Then decide for yourself, without prejudice, if you think the allegations made against Trump are false, exaggerated or actually accurate.

  • Get Trump out of the presidency Immediately, NOW…
    Trump lied about the wall and keeps everyone distracted with fear, Kim Joung is an actor not a dictator.

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