Job Interview Worksheet PDF | The Secret to More Job Interview Success

Job Interview Worksheet PDF |  The Secret to More Job Interview Success

did you know there is an important first
step in preparing for a successful job interview that many people overlook in
this lesson you’ll learn what that step is Plus how to download a free copy of
the very first ever Magic Job Interview Worksheet PDF which will help you boost
your job interview confidence and totally impress the interviewer yes welcome happily employed rockstar i’m
robert with and you are in the right place to learn
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below and the battle so that you will not be the last person to know when i
post another video the first step in preparing for a successful job interview
is one that’s easy to overlook as a former professor of business
communication I used to teach my students all about the mechanics of the
job interview process and how to prepare for that things like researching the
company and practicing your answers to common and curveball interview questions
as well as how to dress for your interview while these are all important
tasks to complete and I personally practice them whenever
preparing for my own interviews oh and I should mention by the way that in an
upcoming video I’ll be talking about those in more detail I still always felt
like I was a little bit disadvantaged like the choice on whether or not I got
the job was totally dependent on the employer I kind of felt a little bit
powerless in that interview process and frustrated and always anxious about it
and it wasn’t fun in fact I dreaded it before I share how
I turned that around if you can relate to that I’d love to hear from you just
drop a comment down below like what’s the biggest challenge or frustration
you’ve had with this whole job interview process I’d love to hear from you and
start a conversation as the years went by and I began to personally study more
and more about how important it was to have a winning mindset my interview
experiences began to change as one of my mentor says about 80% of your success in
any endeavor is your mindset your psychology about 20% is the mechanics so
what does this really mean in the context of a job interview well it means
this it’s still important to practice those interview questions to
learn how to research a company and to dress appropriately for the job
interview you’re going to but what’s even more important and has a bigger
impact on the outcome of your interview success is what’s going on right here
between your your ears when I think of mindset I’m thinking of how you view
yourself you tend to become who you perceive yourself to be and you tend to
act and behave in alignment with that perception so as you shift your
perception of yourself it begins to shift the way you interact with
everybody around you including the interviewer sitting across the table
from you during your job interview for example if you see yourself as a
confident and powerful person do you think it’s going to change the way you
approach an interview and interact with that interviewer compared to if you
approach that from a place of feeling powerless you bet it will and so as I
began to shift my view of myself my interview mindset changed as a result
and then because my mindset changed my interview experience changed as well
that feeling of powerlessness that I was talking about earlier started to
disappear and I started to approach interviews with a lot more confidence
and frankly a lot of excitement and it became more and more fun I also learned
how to ask questions in the interview that very few if any other job
candidates would ever think to ask and these questions not only helped me learn
about the company in a way that allowed me to decide whether or not the job was
a good fit for me in other words giving me that feeling of
more choice more control more power in this interaction but also totally
impress the interviewer now I have to warn you this approach to interviewing
is not for everyone you have to be really open to shifting your mindset and
how you think about the whole interview process but if that’s you I have one
more thing real excited to share with you for the first time The Magic Job Interview Worksheet PDF which will help you develop the same kind of winning
interview mindset that I’ve been able to develop and go into those job interviews
feeling totally confident and powerful and excited to be engaged in this
process so if you’re interested in being able to do that simply go to and download your PDF copy
right now the link is also in the description and as always if you know
someone who is in the middle of a job search and could benefit from this
information please share this video with them and until next time unleash your
big dreams by asking yourself this powerful question what if it’s possible

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  • What's your biggest frustrating feeling about the whole job interview process? Let's start a conversation … and be sure to download your free Magic Job Interview Worksheet PDF. [Link in the description.]

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