Job interview questions and answers (Part 7): Do you have any questions for me?

Job interview questions and answers (Part 7): Do you have any questions for me?

In this week’s job search tip, we’re
going to be going over the job interview question “Do you have any questions for me?” We’re gonna be looking at questions you should be asking in your interview and some questions you should definitely
avoid. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to Job Hunters, your weekly job search advice show. Where we show you everything from resume tips to interview advice and everything in between. Now today we’re gonna tackle the job
interview question “Do you have any questions for me?” Now employers will usually ask this at the
very end of the interview and trust me when I tell you, they want you
to ask questions. It really shows that you care. Now
there’s really nothing more awkward than not being prepared for a question like this. So this is a great opportunity for you to
show the interviewer that you’re very interested in the position and that you’re
doing everything you can to make an informed decision. It shows them that you’re not just looking
for a paycheck you want to find a place that you can really fit in. Now remember a job interview goes both
ways while they’re interviewing you to make sure that you fit in with their
company you’re also interviewing them to make
sure that they’re gonna be a good employer for you. “How many vacation days will I get?” “Is there gonna be a drug test?” “Do I get free food?” “Will you be my friend on Facebook?” “How much am I gonna be getting paid?” “Do you allow inter-office dating? Wink face.” What you really want to do is keep your questions professional and about the job itself. “What does a typical day look like in this position?” “What is the most challenging part of this position?” “What would success look like in this position?” “What would be the hardest thing to learn in this job?” Questions like these show that you’re really taking your job search seriously and that you’re trying to figure out if
you’re a good fit for them. This is also a really great chance for you to take what you’ve learned on their website and turn it into a question. It shows
that you’ve done your research and are really interested in their company. “While researching on your website, I noticed that your company offers training
for shift leaders. Can you tell me some more about that?” So thank you for joining us today. Please like this video if you found it
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79 thoughts on “Job interview questions and answers (Part 7): Do you have any questions for me?

  • Ive been to dozens of imterviews for medical office for the past 8 but I still don't have a job what coukd I be doing wrong..

  • Is it OK to ask about the % off we'll be getting when purchasing something at the place we want to work? Also can you give us a good idea of what employers are looking for in the section of the resume that asks for us to provide any further information for the employer to consider?

  • Hey Hannah. You'll want to stay away from that question because it may lead the employer to believe that you only want the job for the discount. The employer will let you know of any employee benefits. Any addition information on your job application can include any additional certifications, training or volunteer work.

  • I'm sorry to hear that, @clog2008. Check out our video, "How to find a job with no experience" on our YouTube channel and let us know if you have any questions! We're here to help! Good luck!

  • I just had an interview today and the interviewer asked me if I had any questions. I asked a few questions, but not the questions stated in this video. Now that I watched this video I will be prepared for future interviews.

  • Hi, Desmond! The questions in this video are just examples of some questions you can ask. The point is you want to ask thoughtful questions that 1) Will get you the information you need to know about the job and what it's like to work there (remember, you're also interviewing the employer!) and 2) Will show the employer that you put some thought into applying for the position. Bottom line: it's great that you asked questions in your job interview! Keep it up and let us know how it goes!

  • Do you want to turn down an interview or a job? You probably don't want to turn down a job offer in an interview. If you absolutely want the job in the first interview and they hire you on the spot, then call the employer for the second interview (before your scheduled interview) and inform them that you've already accepted another position and would like to withdraw your name from consideration. Remember to thank the employer for their time and consideration.

  • Let the employer bring up pay in the interview, even if the topic doesn't come up during the interview. Asking about pay in a job interview usually gives employers the impression that the person cares more about pay than the the job.

  • I have an interview for an internship in a few days and was on the company' website and saw an open position that I may be able to qualify for. Can I ask about that without seeming uninterested in the internship?

  • It's a great question! You might want to word it a little differently: "What would success look like in this position?" or "What would a successful candidate for this position look like?"

  • I got an unexpected interview on the phone today and because I was so caught off guard I didn't really have anything prepared to answer, but nonetheless I am getting a face-to-face interview tomorrow. Should I expect these same questions to be asked again?

  • See, I have a problem with that answer. I've heard others give this advice, but like you said in this video, you are also interviewing THEM to see if the company is the right fit for YOU. I think it's crazy for any hiring manager to think a potential employee shouldn't bring up pay rate. I usually let them bring it up in an interview (and they usually do), but if there's absolutely NO talk about it, I would really think about bringing it up, myself. It's risky, but it must be!

  • I love your videos and they are really helpful. Please make a video on people who get really nervous during interviews and even though they are qualified for the position, they don't get the job due to nervousness and not giving the right answers. Any tips for those people? Thank you

  • Thanks so much for your feedback! We're glad you've found our videos helpful! The best advice we can give for job interview nerves is the practice, practice and then practice some more. Be confident in what you can offer as an employee and be yourself. Also, have a few questions to ask the interviewer as well so you can make the interview more conversational. Hope that helps! Good luck!

  • Would it be a good idea to ask them, "how long would it take for me to hear that I got the job?" If not, is there a good way to ask that and if there is, what is it?

  • Is it good to make the interviewer laugh? Would that show them that you're easy to get alone with or would that show them, you don't care?

  • You can absolutely use humor in an interview. You want to make the interview conversational but you don't want to go overboard with it because that can lead to the interviewer thinking you don't take things seriously.

  • Hi,
    I'm thinking of taking a national certificate course instead of a 4 year bachelor degree. Will this be enough to get a job? I just recently finished college and don't know what to do.

  • It really depends on the job and the field you're looking at. Some fields require four-year degrees. Other employers may want certificates or special training. Do a little research on the field you're interested in and the educational requirements in that field. Good luck!

  • Posture, attitude and tone are all very important when communicating with an interviewer. Don't forget eye contact! 🙂 Thanks so much for your feedback! We're so glad you found our videos helpful!

  • hmm… I didnt really understand that question at first which I feel kinda bad that I didnt have any questions ask, but since I've seen some of your videos on interview tips, it makes since. thank you very much.

  • I received a call on Monday regarding a cashier position. The person asked to go back on line to finish my assessment, because they can't hire without it. Well I tried but could not back on to my application. They called me back and she asked me couple questions regarding working weekends and said I was flexible, with the exception of Sunday mornings, and she seemed okay about that. 2 emails one background check & Govt questions. What do I do now, should wait for call or call them?

  • @Kira Coello Maia Mitchell Biggest Fan if it's been a couple of days and you haven't heard anything, follow up and ask them if they need anything else from you. If they don't, ask them what the process looks like from here. Good luck!

  • Hi, @john mccain. For some reason, YouTube won't let me reply directly to your question, so I hope you're able to see this:

    It's not bad to not have questions, but generally, you want to come to the interview with a few questions to ask the employer. Do a little research on the company or store before the interview and think of a few questions, like the ones outlined in the video. You can even write the questions down on a note pad and bring that to the interview! Good luck!

  • Happy Turkey Day Guys I got my job and start soon its sonic what about my nappy hair, and help nails that hasn't been done in years. bad hair dye ect. anything for jenn. luv ya live.

  • I have an interview at Plato's Closet in a couple weeks. Can I ask them about the dress code? Like are hats allowed? Or is that unattractive to a potential employer? Also if I ask them about something I read on their website about how their business works, is that a good question?

  • I ask my interviewer if i was done training and i needed help on something i didn't understand would it be provided is that bad or good. After she answered she asked if i had another i said no.

  • thank you for sharing a lot of unsefull question in job interview, i am preparing for my job- hunting and i ll turn your advices first!

  • Hi, thank you so much for your advice.. i was wondering if its apropriate to ask "What should i expect next for the hiring process?" at the end of an interview..

  • questions like what is challenging or hardest in a position:  I don't think are good questions. The interviewer can see them as questions of worry if it will be to challenging and hard.  A better answer is the second answer: I saw what you had on your website about training, what does the training entail? Can anyone go for training? I think asking about the company is better than sounding worrisome about the position

  • Applied for a job and did exactly this! The manager was very happy and said no one usually asks questions!:') + I got the job and this really helped!

  • I was once asked this question for an interview and I was just like ummm no and then he hired me on the spot lol  but i turned down the job anyway i didnt like it

  • Is there a limit on how many questions to ask? I have about 4+ questions lined up… is the more the merrier or should I be minimal ?

  • Lol why would I even apply if I didn't think they'd be a good fit. I just want the damn paycheck. Stop wasting my time, is what I would like to tell them…

  • A great question to always ask:
    "Is there any reason why you wouldn't hire me?" It catches them off guard and makes them think and they have to provide you with an answer. Then, if they do give a possible reason why they may not bring you on board, you can respectively rebuttal and provide reasons as to why the reason they have will not be a problem or if you have been working on whatever that is.

  • hi
    l went for an interview and l was asked . "what annoys you", really!!!
    what about saying being macro managed? cause l know what am expected to do????

  • could I ask them something along the lines of "I have noticed that you have won many awards for being a great place to work. What do you think made you achieve this award?"

  • would it be ok to ask if they have an orientation because this is something that I didn't ask my first employer, and I had to learn everything about the store on my own, lol?

  • Well this was vary helpful to me since I am disabled a lot of employers don't hirer my kind but I try not to tell them

  • What about asking about raises? Like some jobs give raises when they see ur doing well and others give raises after so long working there. Is that a question I can ask or no?

  • I have used the question, "What is a typical day of work like here?" They did not like it and did not get hire. Not a good question to ask the company.

  • But how do you respond after they answered your question. Once I asked about training and they did a good job explaining it. And I replied "oh I see, that sounds great"… how should I have responded better? It seemed like I asked that question for the sake of asking…

  • are u going hire me too? please i want new job i already apply ur website please give me us call me thanks.

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