Job interview questions and answers (Part 6): Why should we hire you?

Job interview questions and answers (Part 6): Why should we hire you?

in this week’s job search tip, we’re gonna go over the scary “Why should we hire you?” job interview
question. We’re gonna look at it from a couple
different angles and find out what employers are really asking. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to Job Hunters, your weekly job advice show where we give you
everything from resume tips to interview advice and
everything in between. This week we’re gonna tackle the job
interview question “Why should we hire you?” Now, chances are if you do get this job interview
question, they’re gonna ask you at the very end of the interview. It may be the last thing they say before
they leave the room. So this is your last chance to leave a great impression and
tell them why you would make the best fit for this position. So what you wanna do is make sure you
stay away from any real desperate sounding answers. You want them to be convinced that you
want this job and not just any job. “Because I need a job so badly and if I don’t get this, I don’t know what I’ll do.” “Because I’m awesome, and you would be really dumb not to hire such a rising star like me.” You also want to stay away from the really cliche answers that don’t give the employer a good idea why you want that specific position. “Because I’m a hard worker and I really want to work here.” “Because I’d do a really good job.” Employers really wanna see what makes
you stand out. Everyone says that they’re a hard worker. And everyone says that they can get the job done. So your best bet is to be specific and tailor your experiences to fit the
job description. “I’m very motivated and a fast learner. I love your restaurant and see that you guys pride yourselves on your customer service, which is something I’m really passionate about. Which is why I think I would be a great
fit for your restaurant.” “I’ve worked in retail for about three years now and I know what level of service customers
are expecting when they walk through the door. my experience makes me a great fit for
this position and I know that my personality will fit in really well with
what you’ve told me during the interview. Overall, I think I would be really successful
in this position and I think it would be a great fit. So this is a great question to get
remembered by. You really want to stress to the interviewer that you’re the best candidate for this
position and will be a great fit within their company. Make sure you stress how your
personality and experience will blend well together. So thanks for joining us today. Please
like this video if you found it helpful so we’ll know to keep making videos like this. And if you have any questions about what
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99 thoughts on “Job interview questions and answers (Part 6): Why should we hire you?

  • I find these videos very helpful. I've always said I wonder what I'm doing wrong in the interviews why nobody called but now I can practice & be interview ready & know what to say & do when I do my follow ups. I mainly want 1 out of 4 main places to call me. I hope with the information I've learned 1 of them will give me a call.

  • Thanks for your feedback, Shenika! We'll keep making these videos to help you with your job search. Please let us know if you have any specific questions or topics for future videos. And keep us posted on your job search!

  • Congratulations on landing an interview, Ra-sone Rucker! Please let us know how it goes! We've got our fingers crossed for you today!!!

  • this video was helpful but i forgot to practice these answers and i had a best buy interview past thursday

  • I love these video's they're like my pre-interview battle cry! BUT i am very conscious about my make-up, I don't wear a lot but how what make-up looks are appropriate for an interview?

  • Thanks so much for your feedback, Ashley! We're so glad you find our videos helpful in your job search! As far as make-up goes, keep it as clean and professional as possible. No wild colors. If you feel like you need to have make-up on for the interview, a little blush, a little mascara and a little lip gloss will go a long way. Good luck!

  • What do you do if you apply for a job that you want? But dont really have the experience the company is asking for? How can i get hired?

  • Great question, Daniel! We actually have a video about that: "How to get a job with no work experience?" Check the video out on our YouTube channel and let us know if you have any questions!

  • Interview this morning for a surveillance position at the Turning Stone Casino! I've been watching a lot of your videos lately! Thank you!

  • Overall, it went ok. Could've been better. Longest interview I've ever had. One of the questions I asked at end was "Is there anything that stands out to you that makes you think I might not be the right fit for this job?" & she stated that my overall experience and lack of exposure/ knowledge of table games. My previous surveillance position didn't require any knowledge of table games, because the casino I worked in didn't have any. In other news, I just picked up a security position. Thank you

  • Congratulations on your security position!!! That's fantastic news!!! We're so excited for you! When do you start?

  • I start training this Monday! It's at a location in Syracuse. The company itself is called SECURAMERICA. I'm excited, I have about 4 1/2 years experience in the security field, & looking forward to adding some more experience to my resume. Thanks so much for the support! 🙂

  • Great job, Chris! Thanks for sharing your story with us. It really makes our day when someone finds a job and shares his or her story with us. Congratulations again!!

  • Good thing I watched this just now, I have an interview today, and I would have said, because I am a hard worker and complete my tasks. Now I know the correct way to answer the question when the interviewer asks me. The only draw back is the employment agency did not name, or list any details about the company they are recruiting for. So I do not know much about the company except they are a packaging company that is fast paced, and that they are seeking to hire for packing department.

  • Thank you!

    My interview went well, I asked the right questions and interviewed my interviewer about the company and the position offered. The interviewer convinced me that I should work for his company ;).

    I am now waiting for the results of my back ground and drug test results (which I will pass both with ease). I will follow up with Snag A Job after I hear back, or follow up with the company I applied and had my interview with.

  • When leaving job interviews, it's best to thank the interviewers for their time and shake their hands before you leave.

  • Congratulations! We're so excited for you! And thanks for letting us know that you got hired! It really makes our day when we hear job search success stories like yours! Congratulations again!

  • I've been asked at the end of some of my interviews, " do you have questions about ( put name here)" I want to know what are some great questions to ask and questions to NEVER ASK.

  • I've been asked at the end of some of my interviews, " do you have questions about ( put name here)" I want to know what are some great questions to ask and questions to NEVER ASK.

  • Is there a way to know if your interviewer just might hire you, what I'm basically asking is, how do you read your interviewer even tho you've never met before? Hey good video idea, think about.

  • Oh I just thought about, when would be a good time to bring up that I'm learning sign language, I also want to know when would be a good time the bring up, that I'm homeschooled?

  • Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately, it's difficult to know whether or not you got the job from the interview (unless the employer tells you, of course). All you can do is prepare, do your best, be yourself and follow up.

  • You can bring up special skills at any point if you think it fits with the answer to the interviewer's question. If the employer asks where you go to school, that would be an appropriate time to mention being home schooled.

  • Hi, Raven. This one is tough. I would try to turn it around with a clever response, like: "The only reason you shouldn't hire me is because you don't want a positive, energetic and dedicated employee, and you rather hire someone who just wants to collect a paycheck." You can change the answer to fit your strengths but you get the idea that you can use this question as an opportunity to let the employer know what they're missing out on if they pass on you.

  • hi can i ask what kind of answers would you use if a store is opening and a store like this hasnt been opened in your town? and you know nothing about it but the basics.. like what it is and what it serves?

  • Great question! If the store is open somewhere else, do some research on the company online. You don't have to know everything, just the basics. The company can train you on what it serves. They want you to bring excellent customer service and a track record of responsibility. Good luck!

  • What if you don't have any experience related to the company you're applying for? For example, I have worked in the dining service in my University but I'll be graduating with a Mechanical Engineering Degree next fall and I have no clue how i would answer this. Help!

  • Hi! I just wanted to say thank you so much for these amazing tips. I've been watching all the Snagajob videos nonstop before my interviews and I am pleased to say I got hired today. Such a great feeling 🙂 Thanks again! take care 

  • thank you so much for making these videos, i have an interview tomorrow nd all these videos have helped me out plenty. they're simple, yet get to the point. a little more vocalizing practice nd I'll be completely confident. thank you again, i tremendously appreciate it!

  • " If you have a chance to be hired, how much do you think that you are supposed to be paid?" I don't know if this question happens in real-life, but I heard it asked before. How should I deal with it?

  • Thanks for your videos it helps a lot.. by the way i just wanna ask.. some employers ask this question.. "Why not should we hire you??" could please educate me how to answer this tricky question.. i don't want to be an under dog next time i encounter this question again… Thanks..

  • I have honestly devoured these videos. I'm 16 and applying for my first summer jobs. These are so helpful and hopefully I'll hear back from employers soon

  • I just want to say how incredibly helpful this channel is. I am so thankful for you guys! ☺️☺️☺️

  • Hi. Your videos are awesome and really helpful! Somewhere I read the question: Why should we not hire you? It´s that question could happen? What should we answer? Thanx!

  • The problem with this is that it is teaching people how to be and say something they are not. It's all acting in front of the employer. If the employer buys your "act" or likes your and trusts you, you're hired. At the end of every interview, behind closed doors, the employer says "I really like that person" Don't worry about answers. Worry about being likable and competent. All bosses just want you to produce and be somewhat of a butt kisser. It helps if you're cute but if you threaten the interviewer or the company culture you won't be hired. If you do, you will end up getting fired. Stop the games. Just be yourself.

  • how do I answer tell me a time you completed a goal! and what are your goals now! how do you plan to accomplish them?

  • Great videos! How do you provide professional references when you didn't keep in touch with them or they are no longer with the company?

  • Hi there, can I get some help on answering this question

    How did you exceed a customer expectation?

    I got qsked this question in my previous interview and answered with the
    star method, was this ok? Would really appreciate the advice for this

    Your videos are helpful

  • I still think that this question should not be asked at all since you don't know who you are competing against. : /

  • What if you have no experience…I have interview at target for backroom and overnight position tomorrow help

  • i have my first job interview today at 2:30 😬
    edit: the interview was nothing at all! i get to start training on thursday and i can start saturday!

  • Thank you so much for these tips! Its exactly what im looking for in a Job q&a its bound to help me get a position at my local publix!

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