JOB INTERVIEW questions and answers (Part 4): What are your strengths?

JOB INTERVIEW questions and answers (Part 4): What are your strengths?

In this week’s job search tip is gonna concentrate on the question “What are your strengths?” We’re gonna look at it from a couple different angles and give you some good examples and bad
examples on how to answer this job interview question. That’s coming up! Hey guys, I’m Kim with Snagajob, and welcome to Job Hunters, your weekly job tips show. Today we’re going to talk
about the question “What are your strengths?” This is a very
common interview question and you’ll usually get this at the beginning
of your interview. So you’ll want to make sure that you have something to tell
them. Now it may be really tempting to answer with a fun talent you have “I can lift, 195, 200 pounds now. It use to be my body weight but I’ve cut down since then because of all the bench pressing.” “I was homecoming queen and I was the
best tennis player at Freeman High School.” ‘I can beat any six year old on the Xbox NBA 2K10. Hands down.” “I’m a master at quoting movie lines. Seriously, put me to the test right now. I’ll tell you what movie it came from.” “I can tie a cherry stem with my tongue.” Now, that’s not really telling the employer anything they’re really looking for. What
they want to know is if you have the strengths and skills that go with this
position. Now, for example, if your job has you
working with customers, focus on the fact that you’re a people person and a problem solver. “One of my biggest strengths is my people skills. Introducing myself and starting
conversations is no problem at all. Also my experience has given me the time
management skills that are required for this position. I understand that deadlines need to be met
and I’ll go above and beyond to make that happen.” So if you’re job has you managing books or maybe working in the back of the house, talk about your organization skills and your attention to detail. “Organization is my thing. I’m one of those people that really can’t stand to see a
mess all over the place and will find ways to keep even the
strangest things organized. This requires an attention to detail. I like to keep a close eye on things to
make sure that everything is in its place and that nothing slips through the
cracks.” If you wanna go a little further you can
always give them an example of how you use those strengths on the job. So if you feel like you really don’t have any strengths to offer, think about things that you do outside
of work that can be used in the business world. Like if you’re an athlete you can say that
you’re very dedicated. If you like to build things, you’re very
good working with your hands. Things like that, that you can weave into a job experience. So while this question may seem a little scary, it’s really not that bad. Just pick two strengths that you have and two strengths that will make you a good employee, and use that to your advantage. You got
this! So thanks for joining us today. If you like this video please let us know below. And you have any questions leave a comment and we’ll know to keep making videos like this. Now don’t forget to subscribe to our
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  • You're very welcome! We're so glad you found our videos helpful! Stay tuned for our next series of job search tip and interview advice videos!

  • Great question, Jeanne! You can absolutely talk about the skills you've learned in your college courses and projects. You may not want to use them as strengths. A strength is more of a characteristic or attribute, like how you're wired. For example, maybe you're a "people person" or you're really organized. A skill is something you've learned, like Microsoft applications.

  • for example I had to have a phone interview, with a hiring agent which is different than with the actually company, after that I was selected to go to their open house event and finally I was selected for a one-on-one interview today. I haven't seen any videos like this before so I just took bits of all everything that I thought might happen. (especially at the open house event)

  • We can definitely make a video with interview tips for different types of interviews (phone, group, etc.). Great question! And congratulations on landing the interview! Good luck and let us know how it goes! We've got our fingers crossed for you!

  • Great question, Jannet! We actually have a video about that question! If you go to our YouTube channel, you'll find the video "Job interview questions and answers (Part 7): Do you have any questions for me?" Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Great question, Chanelle! We're going to make a video with advice on job interview attire soon. We have a video that briefly talks about what you should wear. Check out our video, "Job interview tips: 5 quick job interview tips" and let us know if you have any other questions!

  • I find your videos very helpful.However I personally have a problem with the bloopers at the end because I dont get to do do-overs during interviews.

  • hi i just apply to jobs on your website i got email from employer saying that i should be patient while they review my application i have apply a lot and im resting that if i meet one of it they will call me for an interview help me please

  • Hi, Valerie! Check out our YouTube channel for a video that might help you: "No work experience? What are your strengths? Teen job interviews (Part 3)".

  • Great question! While the questions are very similar, the answers will be just a little different. Your answer for "What are your strengths?" should focus more on what you will bring to the position and use examples of how you've used your strengths in the past. Your answer for "Why should we hire you?" should incorporate your strengths but focus more on the company, showing the employer that you did your research on the company and how you are a good fit for the position.

  • I had two interview with the same job & they said they would call me back within a week. A week pass & i dont know what to do! Advice please?

  • Thank you Snagajob for these interview questions and responses, I just started watching the a few days ago and I got a job with New York Life today. 

  • I AM NOT A PEOPLE PERSON THOUGH. For my weakness I was going to say that I am not a good public speaker 🙁 . I guess for my strengths I will say that "I am self motivated, I like to be complete and thorough, I value a job well done and I pay attention to detail. I am very organized which I have displayed both in College assignments and at my last job where it was important to label and date things correctly and to remember customer orders. I feel that being organized and self motivated and thorough is important for this position which I have applied for"

  • 'Describe a situation in which you solved a problem with the help of your coworkers. How did working with others help solve the problem?' I get asked things like this for coffee shop jobs. What I should say to this?

  • i wish that snagajob would even put a list of office assistance or even internerships for techology with computers

  • Thankyou!, I've been out of the workforce for some time now, and this has been a really huge help!, hope u have more?!,,, lol, its great thanks!, 😊

  • It's a tough environment out there. I know because I have been on countless interviews spanning nearly a year, and the reasons for this comes down to two.

    # 1: I was fired from my last job. Because someone was fired they have a lesser chance of landing a job for another company. The question "Why did you leave your last job" is often a question the interviewers desire, and the interviewees despise. Being fired eliminates unemployment opportunities and puts one into a difficult situation. Being enthusiastic and mindful can help in a job interview.

    # 2: Lack of skills and experience. I have come to the conclusion that the group most likely to land a job is those in their 30s-40s who have gained at least a decade's worth of work and experience. They have a very strong background work ethic and have spent years working towards their goals and are able to achieve them. Being in the middle age group they are the ones that can strive.

    Kids just out of high school/college and people in their late 20s like myself are often on the short end of the stick simply because we lack the skills necessary to land a good job. Kids who never had an interview or have had very little interviews in their lifetime have it tough. It takes a lot of practice and determination to be good in an interview. This I know about because I did not know how to setup myself up to look good and act good in front of a group of interviewers. I had to do a bit of research along with getting help from family members before I had a clear idea of how I was going to answer a difficult interview question.

    People in their 50s-60s/70s and so on are on the short end of the stick as well because for most employers, they are simply overqualified. It's possible to fail an interview because you have TOO MUCH experience. Of course there are exceptions to this, but I often find that companies prefer someone who is middle aged with the right tools to perform a job, instead of someone who is aging and has been in the job workforce for several decades.


    What landed me a job eventually was applying for at least 10-12 jobs a day. If you want to be in the workforce soon be prepared to spend 3-5 hours a day submitting your resume to 10-12 different jobs. For every job you hear back from there are probably at least 8-9 other jobs you applied for that won't even look at your resume. Resumes are simply tossed out if there's too many of them, because nobody has the time to look through them all because they have other job duties to perform. For all those jobs you heard back from no more than half of them will consider hiring you.

    So yes, it's a very tough environment out there. A great comment to consider to yourself in a job interview is "Looking for a job is a full time job in itself". Sure a few hours a day might not seem much, but you might have to travel 20-30 miles to a destination just to submit an application. Some places are still like that.

    Be strong. Don't give up.

  • I have a diifcuilt question answers?
    Have your ever disagreed with your immediate supervisor? How did you resolve  

  • Ive applied in call center industry unfortunately wasnt able to land a job. Met this question. How would i answer this? "Give me one quality that you have which will make me NOT hire you." Thank you in advance

  • Hi, Snagajob! I am having an interview next week. I applied to UPS as a package handler and wanted to know what strengths should I tell them about. Thanks!

  • there's a sad smelly spider that has no sense of humor who talks and eats poop. 🙂 I find this tips very fun and helpful. Thanks Kim.

  • I don't know why but I just messed my interview up today. I've never felt so crap about myself since I really did all I could to practice and I felt really confident before going in. I wanted this job so much but idk, I don't blame them if they don't consider me.

  • Hi there, can I get some help on answering this question

    How did you exceed a customer expectation?

    I got qsked this question in my previous interview and answered with the star method, was this ok? Would really appreciate the advice for this question.

    Your videos are helpful

  • I like the videos .The way you take examples and answer. But at the end half of the video is too annoying. If someone is looking for these videos they are seriously looking for jobs. This makes really unprofessional . suddenly we just loose the loop and just remember the last few not so funny things

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