Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself” The Perfect Answer 🏆

Interview Question: “Tell Me About Yourself” The Perfect Answer 🏆

Hi there thanks for joining us today for
the interview. Why don’t you start out by telling us a little bit about yourself
are you a hundred percent sure that you know how to answer this question
correctly because you need to because it’s going to affect the entire
interview going forward and unfortunately if you answer it poorly
you can disqualify yourself in that first 30 seconds so that everything
happens for the rest of the interview makes no difference you’re not going to
have a chance to get a job so in this video we’re going to go through four
different examples – from me and – from Kendall the first two are going to show
things that you should not do but are very common mistakes that we see and the
second two are going to show things that you should be doing to give a really
strong answer to give yourself the best chance of getting hired we’re going to
watch the video clips and I want you in your mind to try to pick out what’s
going on whether good or bad and then I’ll break them down afterwards and tell
you what is going on so you can compare the two and learn so let’s dive right
into the first example okay so thanks for joining me for the interview today
why don’t we just start our just getting to know each other a little bit why
don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself so I grew up here in Austin I
went to UT and studied math it’s a real passion of mine but lately I’ve been
really going to get to dancing a lot of West Coast Swing super contemporary but
when I’m not doing that I was living yoga I’m trying to be very fit and
healthy I just got a new dog it’s really great about abalzer his name is Ranger
um super cute and I like to restate fit active lately I’ve been super busy
because I just moved apartment all the way north now all right what did you see is there
anything that you spotted that you think could have been improved upon or maybe
never should ever be said in an interview at all we’re going to watch
the next clip which is me answering that question and then we’ll break down the
pros and cons all right so thanks for joining me for the interview today
yeah so why don’t you start this out by tell me a little bit about yourself yeah
sure so I really lately have been getting into Muay Thai kickboxing I’m
not sure if you watching MMA I just find it’s a really good way to stay in shape
and I think that guys when they have a chance to not only compete but to kind
of get your bell rung a little bit when you’re sparring and things like that to
stay in shape I just think it’s a good kind of way to vent and work out the
stresses of the day yeah I’ve been I’ve been trying to eat a lot more healthy to
be honest like that’s very important to me it’s kind of a new passion in my life
go to Whole Foods a lot there’s one close here in Austin I’m getting a lot
of salad bars or it used to be more like in and out burgers but I’m touching that
up so that’s a very important thing to me too and I also really have been
enjoying just getting out in hiking being outside being in the wilderness a
little bit has been important your last couple years so that’s kind of where I’m
at right now yeah about five miles outside of town believe it or not
there’s a little place you can go and hike and kind of rejuvenate and get some
oxygen in those lungs and feel good all right what did you see well one big
mistake that so many people make that you won’t now because you know is spin
everything towards the position the job in the company don’t talk about any
facts about yourself that don’t pertain to the position although I or she while
listening may act interested and say oh you got a new dog cool how nice what
kind is it in their minds are thinking this is not relevant at all the position
and therefore this person has no idea what’s going on they’re not seeing
things rugged how can I rely on someone who doesn’t even know how to answer this
question to be put in front of clients or customers so think of a few things
that are interesting if you strengths or experiences you’ve gone through but tie
them back to the position or the company because it’s going to make the answer
interesting by having a personal antidote but it’s also directly relative
to the position now if you’re not confident or you feel fearful or
stressed just having to interact with anybody let alone the stress of an
interview you need to get that handle I put together a spreadsheet checklist
that you can touch up in the right corner right here to download for free
and it’s going to go through a list of things it’s called a social
invincibility checklist it’s going to go through a list of things that can help
you just get more comfortable around people
therefore when you’re in an interview all of those skills and things you learn
on the checklist you’ll be able to apply to come across a nice calm and confident
in the interview now let’s look at this next couple of videos and notice that
all of the answers are spun directly towards the position and there’s some
other stuff going on to see if you can pick out the positives that are going on
this video too and we’ll break them down here right afterwards so thanks for
joining me today know the great happy why don’t we just kick this off by the
economy a little bit of a job sure sure so it’s kind of funny because even at a
young age I remember when Nintendo first came out I was always really passionate
interested about how to program these games of programming TI 81 little
ridiculous games but still programming all the same I’ve always been into it
and so when I realized the kind of value that a full-stack developer could offer
to a company I was like this is incredible because they say you want to
do what you love and this is really something I love in my last position I
was able to take a lot of those programming skills to actually increase
efficiency of one of the systems that they had by 30% and all of that
documented so I felt really good about that you know being able to do something
you’re really good at you really loved and actually seeing those empirical
results are very very powerful me and in the future I’d love to just work my way
up in the system of programmers so you know there’s definitely a hierarchy that
goes but I think my skill sets would allow me to only operate in a
programming level but also to operate in a management kind of liaison level so
that’s something I’d like to do sometime in the future so it’s kind of where I’m
at right now ok nice what was done there there were four main techniques that
were applied there starting with what I talked about in the last one always
spanning everything back to the position so I started with kind of an interesting
story about how I was a little kid I liked to program them ti-85 calculators
but that’s directly relative to the position because it’s a programmer
position that I mock interviewing for the second thing as I’m talking about
actual things I’ve done that are quantifiable about
30% increase to something in my last position you always want to bring up
previous successes and if you can’t I actual numbers and statistics to them
which seem harder to fabricate for people it can be even more effective
I also linked my passion to the position so I said you have always been
passionate about this full stack development thing when I realized I
could do this as a profession and make money it kind of seemed like a
no-brainer a great thing to do and then lastly I talked about my strengths and
where I want to go in the future so I said you know I could see myself not
only being a programmer but I also seemed to have a decent way with people
so I also could see myself moving into maybe a management position if it see
fit within the company so now I’m talking about my strengths and the
trajectory of what I want those four things if you can weave all four those
things into your answer you’re going to be absolutely golden now let’s look and
see how Kendall respond to the same thing okay that’s very good to have you
today they show you a resume very impressive resume looks like you have a
lot of experience in the right places but I’m just kind of curious to get
started could you tell me a little bit about yourself
yes so I grew up here in Austin I went to the University of Texas and studied
mathematics so I actually started college when I was
15 I’ve always had a passion for math at an early age I did the whole mathematics
program with the special self is an actuarial science Society yeah graduated
at the age of 20 and now I’ve been working at my current position for about
four years I have just been promoted recently to the role of project manager
Wow which has been really great because it felt like it really focuses on a
unique skillset that I have I have a really strong background in mathematics
and I also have a really great skill set of being able to communicate with people
and so it’s been a really interesting new challenge for me to be able to work
with the team of mathematicians and then also be able to work with upper
management and communicate where the projects at and the status of that and
I’m hoping in the future that I’ll be able to continue to grow that skill and
use it for other roles that’s fantastic because as you know
a lot of people with those hard mathematical skills not only aren’t good
at it I don’t enjoy dealing with people on a bigger project level so that’s
something that’s very unique to you very interesting now that was good even as I
watch this back now that’s even more impressive so she did the exact same
four things she started out with some interesting stats you know she started
she went to UT she started college at age 15 which is pretty wild and knew
that she always had a passion for math it’s an interesting stat to keep things
fresh but had a passion for math she graduated at 20 the years of 20 no
actual things she’s done she’s worked for the company for four years and was
promoted to project manager nice thing to weave in and then she talked about
her strength she said I have a unique skill set in math but I also think I’m
good at communicating with people kind of like my answer was she’s enjoyed
being liaison and giving updates on project status and things like that and
would like to move into a role or continue to get experience in that in a
role in the future so now she’s saying where she wants to go or ambitions and
what she wants in the future but tying those directly to her strengths now the
cool thing about this question is you basically know you are going to be asked
it in most interviews so what can you do when you know that well you can rehearse
come up with a really nice quality answer that incorporates these four
pieces so we start at an interview not only do you have a sharp answer but you
can kind of go on autopilot when you’re answering this because you got it in the
hopper and that enables you to get nice and comfortable and loose in the
environment and it gets the other person more comfortable because they’re able to
hear you talking more whatnot so you have this canned answer kind of in the
hopper it can pay real dividends too yet an interview I’ve got some additional
videos coming out here in the next couple weeks about best practices for
interviewing you can click the link in the description beneath the video and
head over to my Instagram page you just type it in it’s charisma matrix and
there I’m going to tell you exactly when the videos are coming out so none of
them slipped through the cracks I’m also going to give some behind the scenes
looks at recording in the studio and some goofy stuff that happens that
otherwise is it showed in my youtube channel so you can head over there and
subscribe if you’d like to join the party and now it looks like there’s a
very excited man in a fancy suit that’s got a few things there’s three things
you can do on the screen you can click here if you haven’t downloads your free
tonality checklist you can click up here you want to go to another video that
YouTube thinks you’d really enjoy or if you’re crazy enough and haven’t
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you soon

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