How To Write A Short Professional Bio – PERSONAL Bio Example

How To Write A Short Professional Bio – PERSONAL Bio Example

Are you wondering how to write a short
professional bio either for an article you’re publishing or maybe for one of
your social platforms? If so, stay around because in this video you’ll learn how
to write a bio that captivates and engages your audience and if you stay
around until the end I’ll share an exact example of a short professional bio I
shared as a guest on a podcast episode this week. If we’ve never met before. I’m
Heather Austin from and The Career Club on Facebook and
on this channel I share simple solutions to help you build a business or launch a
career you love. So if you’re new here, consider hitting that subscribe button
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comment down below with what your biggest frustration is when it comes to
building a personal brand. Short and to the point bio’s are becoming
increasingly more important. Especially in this world of information overload.
When someone reads your bio, they want to quickly know who you are, what makes you
unique, what you have to offer them and where they can go to learn more about
you. So let’s jump into how to write a short professional bio.
Step number one is to identify your audience. Consider the audience before
you craft your bio. You want to think about where your bio will be seen and
tailor it for who will see it. For example, the bio on your website will be
more in-depth and detailed than the bio on one of your social platforms such as
Twitter or Instagram. This means that you’ll have a few slightly different
variations of your bio and that’s okay. This leads us to step number two to
write a short professional bio and that is to start with the powerful first
sentence. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your audience, so
your first sentence needs to be a good one. Begin by stating who you are what
your audience can expect from you and how you are going to solve a particular
pain point that they might have. This leads us to step number three to
write a short professional bio and that is to tell a compelling story. To keep
your audience around longer, tell a story about your greatest accomplishments and
what makes you different. Engage them with why you are unique and how you
became an authority on your topic. Step number four to write a short
professional bio is to include a call to action. To get your audience to take the
next step, make sure you include some type of call to action that leads them
to learn more about you. This can be something as simple as sharing your
website or letting them know what social platform you’re most active on or giving
a link to a free offer that you have for them. In your call to action, explain the
benefits they’ll receive from taking action such as a transformation or some
type of achievement. Step number five is to wrap it up with personality. List
something personal that makes you more human and helps your audience to relate
to you. So here’s an example of a bio that I recently used as a guest on a
podcast. “Heather knows firsthand the overwhelm and frustration of the job
search. For the past 13 years she has taught thousands of students how to
build their personal brand so that they can land their dream job and succeed in
the marketplace. Heather has her own business where she works one-on-one with
her clients, helping them find a career that brings true happiness and
fulfillment. She is most active on her YouTube channel where she publishes
videos every week about career guidance and new business development.” Now if
you’re interested in diving deeper into building a stronger personal brand, why
not start with the perfect resume. Take a look at the video I made where you’ll
learn six steps to write a resume. You’ll also learn where to find a free resume
template that you can download today. I’ll go ahead and link that up below and
if you want to build a business or launch a career you love,
make sure you subscribe. If you know someone that might benefit from this
video please feel free to share it with them and don’t forget to hit the like
button below and I will see you guys next time.

55 thoughts on “How To Write A Short Professional Bio – PERSONAL Bio Example

  • Hey guys! A short professional bio is a key ingredient to any personal brand. Comment down below with what you biggest question or frustration is when it comes to building a personal brand.

  • Hey lovely Heather, this video is super helpful to me right now. Thanks for sharing it. Take care 🙂

  • Another awesome video Heather! Knowing how to write a short professional bio is a must these days, whether you're in a career or a business owner. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is really good advice. I really like the idea of telling a "compelling story". Such a great idea!

  • Thank you for this very practical advice! So important to be professional yet personable on social media and I think you really helped with that!

  • This was something I struggled with for a while. When I started RVersity I learned this was way easier when you are doing something you love (or know who you are / what you are talking about) Gotta know your audience!

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  • Super helpful. It is so true – looking for a job has changes so much over my life time. And a short professional bio is one of the changes, for sure!!! Thanks for your advice.

  • Heather in the Jobs/Career section on LinkedIn, I am not sure what I should list under "What job titles are you considering?"
    and "Which industries do you prefer?" I am concerned that I will limit possibilities if I am too specific. What do you suggest?

  • Oooo, I'm branching out into podcasts and so therefore having a short professional bio is a great thing to have, I'll wager! So I'm happy you put this vid out! Thanks!

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  • Hmm…glad I randomly found this channel randomly via comment comes at a perfect time too.

  • Super helpful career advice! Can’t say what my biggest frustration is other then maybe not spending as much time on this as I should!!

  • I've struggled with my bio for sure! Particularly with the very short one, you know, the one that's 1-2 sentences long. Thank you for all the steps to make the bio shine. And I loved your personal example!

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  • Being asked for my bio is not something that occurs regularly, but just enough to struggle writing one when asked. As such, I found this video really helpful.

  • Heather, thanks for posting this video. I am about to start a career in Real Estate. The information offered here will be extremely helpful in writing a my bio!

  • Namaste Heather, Great knowledge share. Thanks!!
    For BD meeting,
    I prefer to start with authority statement and then key achievements and skill set. After that I give one or two statements on use of my skill set on the given assignment. Then start further discussions. Would like to know your thoughts.

    Would be more interested to know tips on "brief introduction" during Corporate meetings.

  • One of my biggest struggles is being nonchalant whenever I talk about my past. And I'm required to write a short autobiography, and I don't really know how to keep it lighthearted.

  • I have searched and watched (never could finish) videos in regards to how to do the bio. You helped me very much the rest is up to me. def subscribing & Not to be lazy do you have any info. On Bios for instagram? Maybe this video I could use the same info. But I’m told you can get a fancy don’t need to know how to target my audience in all social media places. Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction😊

  • Summary: 4 rules.
    1. (1:23) Identify your audience.
    2. (1:55) Start with the powerful first sentence.
    3. (2:29) Tell a compelling story.
    4. (2:39) Include a call to action.
    And now my rant:
    Holy moly, you took them 4 sentences and made 272 seconds worth of "content" out of them. Probably the same amount of time required to produce it. Moments of my youth that shall be gone for ever. And for what? Because you wanted to make more ca$h on your video, by extending it's length. Talk about selfish.
    Either way, good job, Professor, don't take it too personally – it's the internet, we have mean people over here.

  • Great Job Professor!

    I was really searching this topic for all my social media platforms. Specially, as now I want to build a YouTube channel to provide free full course lecture videos on topics that I teach in the university classes.

    But I still have a frustration. That is – I have a COMBINED experience of (1) working in the corporate world for 15 years and then (2) turned into an academician teaching graduate students for 5+ years now. The frustration is to combine my experience from both the corporate world and academic arena in my short professional bio.

    Further more, my target audience are also of two streams – (1) the graduate students in colleges and universities who cal leverage their detail understanding from my videos; and as well as (2) the corporate professionals who can learn modern skills and techniques (from my same videos) to enhance their performances and succeed in their career.

    Combining these – "TWO (types of experience) + TWO (types of audiences) + TWO (types of benefits)" – streams are seeming a nightmare to me. Because I will have a single channel and a single website to package and deliver these videos and maybe other related services for mostly FREE as a form of Contributing Back to The Society.

    Will highly appreciate your advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you so much for your advice maam, you did great job of this tips. Great video, and I will work with my bio soon in my Instagram, and Facebook. God bless

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