How to Handle Resume Buzzwords Versus Keywords

4 thoughts on “How to Handle Resume Buzzwords Versus Keywords

  • Keywords, buzzwords, craziness…oh my! Don't sweat it! Take in this short video folks and go with it. You will get this right! Lemme know whatcha need in the comments!

  • I have noticed that jobs posted on LinkedIn rarely match my profile because the skills they are looking for are fluff words. Since LinkedIn only allows a set number of skills (40, I think), should I remove objective measurable skills and replace them with common fluff words? (eg. customer service, commercial products, critical thinking, creativity.) I realize that it is not my resume, but my impression is that the LinkedIn profile can be critical as well!

    (Love your videos, and thank you so much!)

  • Sweet and simple advice. If you liked this clip, I suggest you search for his other clips. You will be amazed by the quantity and quality of his work. It really helps (amplifies the benefit way more) if you could connect the lessons and catch his concepts.

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