How to Dress and Prepare for a Skype Interview as an ESL English Teacher Going Overseas to Teach

How to Dress and Prepare for a Skype Interview as an ESL English Teacher Going Overseas to Teach

what’s up everybody I’m coming at you live it’s a
beautiful Saturday morning here in Florida so a question that I’ve asked
myself quite a bit that you may have asked yourself what should I wear in a
Skype interview is this the same as a regular interview is it different should
it be more relaxed because I’m not there in person if you read online like 10 you
know tips for your interview or whatever it will tell you like bring a suitcase
well what do I do with a webcam am I supposed to bring a suitcase I
ordered my chair I put it out I I’m going to pretend that I’m in a real
interview or is it different so I’ve come up with a few things that I feel
are important if you’re doing a Skype interview first thing in some countries
believe it or not if you’re a man they care if you shaved or not in Asia I’ve
gone to class and had like a more than a five o’clock shadow maybe a few days
beard and I’ve heard people say you look dirty now where I come from it’s kind of
cool it’s kind of in style to have a bit of a roughed-up beer but I always
remember that so you know is it something that’s going to make or break
your interview I don’t know but the fact that I heard that so much makes me think
mmm if I’m ever doing an interview for an employer in Asia I
should probably shave first now on the other hand if you’re you know going for
a job in Saudi Arabia it’s okay to have a full beard and it may even be looked
favorably upon because a lot of people in the Middle East grow out facial hair
so it depends is it really important probably not now let’s talk about what
we wear and interview this is another question I have been over this again
again in my own mind and what I feel is whatever the dress or the entire will be
on a day to day basis the way that they would see me in the office that’s how
I’m going to dress for the Skype interview okay does that make sense I
want them to see me as they would see me on a daily basis doing my job so that
means if I am interviewing for the position of university lecturer I’m not
going to wear a tank top in the interview obviously right so how does a
university professor dress well it varies from country to country but I can
tell you you can never really go wrong with just a plain white collared shirt
and tie and some people might laugh at me and say oh man you’re going to wear a
tie for a Skype interview now to be honest with you people will even laugh
at me for wearing a tie in my regular job okay a lot of places you don’t have
to wear a tie there are some countries where wearing ties mandatory Vietnam
Thailand you will never see a teacher in English teacher teaching without a tie
on unless it’s like a kindergarten or you know just an extra language
kind of fun class but real teachers I’m not saying that certainty is not real
teachers but teachers in real public school systems have to wear a tie
generally speaking a lot of contracts in the Middle East a lot of different
places will also require you to wear a tie and that’s going to be in the
contract so I feel it’s kind of a good idea to say hey check me out I’ve
already got a tie on I’m ready to go I’m the candidate that you’re looking for
can’t you order to picture me in front of your class that’s my way of thinking
so I’m going to tell you a quick story that’s kind of embarrassing but I don’t
care because I tell it like it is this is how it is so I was teaching in China
at one point in time and um the dress code was very lacks and we had teachers
who were coming in in in outfits that I would personally call disgraceful as an
educator but I’m not going to get too far off topic I was by far the youngest
working there most people were twice my age so one day I woke up in the morning
and I had a big hickey on my neck and you’re thinking gosh man what are you 13
years old I don’t want to go into the story but I’m just gonna say it happened
and it was embarrassing so I had pretty much like a I won’t say
a panic attack but I was in front of the mirror like
are you going to do you know do you cover it or you call in sick which is
late I mean it’s already the morning and everybody’s gonna you know I don’t want
to give that impression that I don’t care about my job but I’m just calling
sick so what do I do so I sat there in front of the mirror I
was really deliberating I was upset and I was like you can’t go to class like
that the students are going to give you absolute hell and or they’ll at least be
talking about you whispering laughing whatever so I thought I’m just going to
go for the full tire today and a soup and so I’m just hope that it’s going to
work so I ended up putting up a tie on and a suit jacket and everything and I
went to class and you know generally speaking they saw me in a collared shirt
but I would have the top button unbuttoned you know and sometimes I
dressed up but I never wore like a full suit and tie so wouldn’t you know that
that day after class I got approached and it was by someone else in faculty of
local local lecture and he said hey Ben can I talk to you for a second and I was
like yeah nobody noticed there’s something you know I was really really
self-conscious about it and he said you know there’s a I can just tell a big
difference between you and some of in some of the other lecturer associate
professors here and I said really how so and he said well you just you know even
just looking at the way you dressed today you really care you know about the
job and that goes a long way and I’m looking for somebody else to fill in a
different position at a different place and the pay was huge and he offered me a
job which I ended up taking at the time was like $70 an hour which was I don’t
know about you but to me that’s this great day I was very excited to have
that opportunity the finest thing to me is that that was born out of this you
know attempt to cover up something that I was so incredibly
ask about it but you never know who’s watching and that impression that you
make but you know dressing professionally and you know putting in
the extra effort into playing the role it really can go a long way so with the
Skype interview I think it’s the same thing does it really matter if I if I
pull you know a nicer shirt out of the closet and have to take 10 seconds to
iron it as opposed to just throwing something on think about it if you were
interviewing five people and you know you have one guy and he’s interviewing
and his house is Rick behind him and he looks you know like he hasn’t taken out
the trash in a week and and everything’s dirty and then you know the next person
comes on and they’ve got like a wrinkled up t-shirt on and then the next person
you know comes on and then finally we get to you and you dress smartly with an
iron shirt on and you have a neutral background and everything looks good and
you’re prepared and you’ve got your notebook and your pen and you say oh
that’s very interesting and you’re writing things down and you’re actively
participating in the interview as well I think that’s a home run I don’t know how
you guys feel and I’d like to hear your opinions in the comment section but I
know if I were interviewing someone and I saw these different things I would
immediately notice and I would say hey this guy’s squared away or this girl you
know cares and this put effort into this interview even though it’s not an
in-person interview they’re treating it as if it were so how do you dress for a
Skype interview how do you prepare I think you go the extra mile and don’t
think that just because you’re not there in person that no
the actions and the things that you do prepare for it won’t play just as
important of a part as it would otherwise so I hope this tip helps I
hope that everybody has a great weekend thanks for tuning in I’ll see you next
time have a great day

17 thoughts on “How to Dress and Prepare for a Skype Interview as an ESL English Teacher Going Overseas to Teach

  • Do you have any recommendations for best areas in China to teach in and make decent money because sometimes the job offers are under 2,000. About the hickey you put a spoon in the freezer take it out and rub it on the area up &down with pressure it will make it dissipate. lol. Funny story though. 70 hour wow where was that?

  • I had a question. Where can we physically do a Skype interview if we are in a different city? I think a coffee shop would be too loud, as would a park. any ideas?

  • What about women in Middle East? Should I Iearn before hand to wear a hijab and wear in interview? Also, is just my head and hair good enough or the entire dress? I know that is probably required to work in Middle East but how do I know how far to dress?

  • Great video, I have been thinking about this subject as well as whether or not to include professional photograths in a job application.

  • I just wore a shirt and pajama pants, kicked back on my sofa. I had my hair in a topknot and just talked positively with a smile, mentioning that I liked Kimchi and had an F4 visa. Killed it easy peasy.

  • Every skype interview I wear a nice shirt, a tie, and no pants. I have never been turned down for a job, because I look great and feel relaxed.

  • Hey Ben , what is your take for getting hired in Taiwan or China with shoulder length hair? (It can be pony tailed or man bunned to appear neater) Im thinking being clean cut is probably preferable to the laid back Hippie look especially if I'm the same ethnicity as the locals so I'll cut it short before an interview if long hair will give a bad impression. But then again I never been to any schools over there so that is why im asking your advice. (I don't plan to cut it if its not gonna make a difference.) Btw, binge watching your videos here man ~ excellent range and depth of advice, already subscribed!

  • 3:04 wearing a tie in Tie-Land, who’d have thought? Jkjk I had to do that. I was planning on doing interviews in interview attire in a Starbucks for a quiet atmosphere, possibly my kitchen because of the blank background.

  • Just started watching your videos again Ben from the very first one. This is ridiculously helpful and the more I watch them over and over again, the more information I take in. You are the GOAT

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