Fast Food Interview Questions | How to Answer Interview Questions

Fast Food Interview Questions | How to Answer Interview Questions

Hey everyone! My name is Christian
Aguilar. Welcome to my channel, where I make your life easier one video at a
time. In today’s video, I am going to answer
the most common fast-food interview questions. I’m also going to advise you
on how you can answer these popular questions too. Without further ado, let’s
get started. The first question is where do you see yourself in five years? In
five years, I see myself with a degree in Communications, furthering my career as a YouTuber and podcaster, and working at a local TV station. This gives you the
opportunity to really tell the interviewer about your dreams. Whether it
is graduating college, starting a YouTube channel, or working in the field you are
studying for. You do not have to say anything about furthering your career in
the company because you haven’t been hired by that company. If you do picture
yourself in five years working at a fast-food restaurant as an assistant
manager or an RGM, then you can say that in five years, I see myself as a
restaurant manager at a fast-food restaurant. It doesn’t really matter what
the answer is. They just want to see that you’re goal-oriented, and that you want
to further your career. The next question is what do you know about our company?
What I know about the company is that it offers flexible hours, scholarships, and
it gives back to our community. For this question, you really have to do your
research online. I recommend that you go on the fast-food web site that you are
applying for, and do some research. And any little thing that really sticks out
to you, mention that in the interview. For example, a lot of fast-food restaurants
give back to their community. McDonald’s contributes to the Walk for Kids and
Taco Bell contributes to the Live Más Scholarship and the Valley Children’s
Hospital. If you really want to impress your interviewer, mention the specific
name of the charity that they contribute to. The third question is, are you good at
dealing with change? Yes, I am. I’m the type of person who if something tragic
or minor happens. I am not going to complain and wish everything was back to normal. I am going to keep moving forward, so
that I can adjust in time. In life, things aren’t always going to go the way that
we planned. This is how I would answer this question because I’m all about
adjusting because things aren’t always the same, especially in the fast-food
industry. Something is always changing, whether it is new items on the menu, new
employees, or a new restaurant manager. Look forward to a lot of change when you are working in the fast-food industry, and any other
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publish a new video. Let’s get back into the video. The next question is do you
work well under pressure? Yes. I am a content creator, so I set deadlines for
myself. If I see that I am lagging on publishing new content, I add some
pressure, so that it can motivate me to get the job done before the due date. I
did a video on what to expect working in the fast-food industry, specifically what
it’s like working at Taco Bell and McDonald’s. In that video, I talked about
why the fast-food industry values speed, so when you are working at a fast-food
restaurant that really wants you to get out the orders as quick as possible.
You’re going to feel under pressure. For this question, you could say that at
school you had a huge project and that you decided to procrastinate. You knew
the deadline was coming, so under pressure, you were able to get that
project done. Finally, the last question is how do you make important decisions?
First, I think it through. After I make my decision, I like to ask someone who is
going to listen, for their input. We should always keep an open mind and
think for ourselves. But when it goes to important decisions in the fast-food
industry, it is always best to ask the manager for their opinion or feedback.
That will give you the opportunity to finalize your final decision. Thank you
all so much for watching my video. Until next time, see y’all later.

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  • I like how you always tend to share your experiences in life. And that makes your channel a little different ☺️

  • can I wear a hat? i'm not going to have time to get a haircut. it's memorial day and mcdonalds wants me to do an interview today and I can't turn in my check cause i'm pretty sure my bank is closed so i'm stuck with crappy hair and prefer to wear a hat. I mean the workers wear a hat sometimes ive noticed, so could I? I haven't found a video on hats for fast food interviews

  • So my interview is at Burger King. Do I just sit down on any seat and wait for the interviewer or do I go to the counter to tell them I’m here?

  • The fast fake food industry is one of the worst professions. Essentially, the jobs are about enabling people to slowly poison other people and make them ill at best and at worst, off themselves with fake food filled with public health hazard ingredients – including, but not limited to; chemicals, artificial colorants, metals, hormones, GMOs, pesticides, etc. No thanks! None of that and then some should be in real pasture-raised and ethically treated genuine organic non-GMO food.

    As it stands now, the fast "food" industry are on par with both the legal (aka pharmaceutical companies) and illegal drug league – selling a harmful product to willing acceptors. It is essentially handing people the gun and let them be done with it.

    If only businesses would sell REAL nutritious and tasty organic non-GMO food (and no, I don't mean only selling salads or vegan or vegetarian products nor that they stick a sticker on something that claims to be organic and non-GMO but which isn't) and sell that real food quickly. Only then will the fast food industry be doing the public a good service.

  • Hi Christian, Good advise for trying to get hired at a fast food job, i have my interview tomarro & im thinking if i nail my interview ill be good, so came on youtube for some advise on that and when i typed fast food interviews your vids came up. i liked your vids on getting hired so i just subbed and im going to check out your other vids. interview is at taco bell, we'll see how it go's..

  • I pronounce my T’s so much iTs noT even funny. I donT know how I do iT but iT sounds very sTrange when I Talk To my camera for youTube

  • I have an interview in like 20 min. Thanks m8


    Almost all these questions are what I was asked!

  • Interview in 20 minutes πŸ™‚ Gonna work for Freddie’s Steakburgers as a 16 year old. Hope I get the job

  • I have an interview tomorrow at Wendy’sπŸ˜‚I’m so nervous for the questions😩😩😩

  • What if you forget the name of the person who called you in for the interview, I was on the phone and the lady told me her name but her name was really hard to pronounce and remember. I have an interview tomorrow at 3:00pm by the way.

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