Donald Trump: ‘I cherish women’ (CNN interview with Chris Cuomo)

45 thoughts on “Donald Trump: ‘I cherish women’ (CNN interview with Chris Cuomo)

  • I learned more math, science,english, foreign language and history from TV and internet in less time then I have ever learned sitting in a classroom.

  • Great interview. They have been obsessed with trying to destroy his bid for presidency to only find they are on the wrong side of what the polls suggest. Believe me if the public were pumped up about any other GOP candidate the news would leave trump in the dust. The news media has to cover Trump, but if you listen closely you can hear them throw in bad reviews and try to cover other candidates in the broadcast so you will listen (these snippets get placed on youtube) . There are many voters that are turning to youtube to watch the candidates talk on various forms of stages and it is more clear than ever when you do this you can see just how biased these non biased news stations are. If you look for any candidates name there are a plethora of videos depicting candidates talk about how they will run and maybe even their platform with the full interview not just what the news channel has sliced and diced.

  • Airhead, ignorant fool. Does not do any research and learns no new skills, gets his info. only from TV and magazines. lol Then he thinks he knows it all, brags about being better than everyone else. He actually believes he's handsome, and young looking too lol

  • Hahahahaha… Oh man… I mean I love watching the guy, and I would love to have dinner with him, but I'm still on the fence whether he'd be a good president or not. Makes me laugh so much from how brutal and honest he is… He is so comfortable in his skin, he is A BOSS..

  • Can the media quit paying attention to this clown already.  He is never going to be President.  He is never going to be the republican nominee.  I get that this is a nice little sideshow until we get down to the real meat of the election, but damn.  All this man is doing is continuing to dumb old white people down.  I think Fox News does  a good enough job of that already.

  • His story with his wife and daughter is such bullshit. "yea u cherish women trumpy! ur da women hero!" He's practically jacking himself off on live TV.

  • Look at all the names I can drop! Look everyone, at how smart I am. Master of the humble brag.

    What a joke of a person. What a horrible person to idolize and to put in political power.

  • ''I'm a job producing machine'' – Trump. That is what is exactly missing in politics; they all have their hands in the back pocket of the tax payer, telling them they're the ones to lead.

  • Trump is a FAKE. He twist things and lies. I don’t see Mexico pay for wall. He don’t promote peace. Mr. Bullshits.

  • CNN should be showing this clip EVERY TIME THIS PATHETIC POS SLAMS THIS NETWORK. DT supporters – just ask yourselves one thing – if CNN is as "horrible" as DT claims, WHY does he watch it so much? If they're such crap, he's certainly got plenty of people who can watch it FOR him to let him know what they're saying; he doesn't have to watch it himself. He admitted it in this interview and with Chuck Todd on NBC – he gets his "intelligence" from TV, and if he's watching CNN, NBC and MSNBC HIMSELF, that MUST mean he TRUSTS THEM TO GIVE HIM THE STRAIGHT DOPE.  If the person YOU support changes their position ALL the time because they either can't remember what they've said in the past, or are simply lying because they're too stupid to do anything else, you shouldn't be supporting them; they're not worthy of the position they hold.

  • Cherish women ????? did he cherish the Russian Hookers that peed on his bed ? did he cherish ALL 3 of his wives that he cheated on ? did he cherish Stormy Daniels ??? does he cherish his daughter/wife Ivanka that he's been messing around with for years ? NO ! HE IS THE BIGGEST WOMAN HATER IN THE WORLD… makes you wonder, WHAT kind of weird shit did his Mama do to him ?

  • Fredo was abrasive here. And his real colors really came out when he was unhinged in the new video that surface. Too bad the communists news network has them all removed instantly.

  • Ermmm.. 4 years down the line… See the decline in character and country leadership?
    One thing that's haven't change is "ME MY MINE" everything evolves around the Trump.
    Getting news from TV.? I would think as leader, President, of the "Free world", that the president is getting the most important news from gpverm,emt intel FIRST!
    Ignorance is a bliss, they sey, well it is very dangerous when it is the theme of POTUS.

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