CRUSH Your College Interview in 2019 (How To Answer Common Questions)

CRUSH Your College Interview in 2019 (How To Answer Common Questions)

Hey guys, Greg here, and today you’re going
to learn how to ACE your college interview. I’m serious– if you apply the tips that
I’m about to share with you today, it does not matter WHO your college interviewer is,
it could be someone that has nothing in common with you, it doesn’t matter, they will love
you. In fact, you’ll probably end up having hour-long conversations with several people
from several different schools. This advice worked so well that my Princeton
interviewer, who was an electrical engineer, ended up talking with me, a ‘theater’
kid, for over an hour and a half when we scheduled just a 30 minute interview! Well, luck was
certainly involved– he didn’t have much to do, and he really liked Panera Bread. But
on a much deeper level, I got him to get excited about me– and today I want to share with
you how you can do the same. Now, before I go into how I aced my college
interviews, I want to let you in on a little secret. In the grand scheme of things, the
college interview does not matter that much. That said, it can certainly hurt you and I
know that if you’re ambitious enough to be watching this video then I know that you
want to maximize your chances at getting into an Ivy League school, Stanford, MIT, whatever
your dream school is. So, it’s still very important that you do well. That said, most people consider ‘doing well’
to be having memorized long lists of extracurriculars and prepared answers. While these things can
help, your interviewer is not your admissions officer! Think about exactly who is signing
up to do these interviews. Alumns, alumns that are SO excited about their school, that
even though they have super busy schedules, they set aside some time every week to interview
high school kids for FREE if it means that they can give back to their school. For the
most part, these are busy, successful people but they make time for you and me, these anxious
high school seniors. And all because they LOVE their school. How did I put smiles on each and every one
of my interviewer’s faces? What’s the big secret? Well, I showed them that I was
truly excited about the opportunity to study at their school. The interviewer isn’t there
to ask how many track championships you’ve won. They are there to attract successful
and smart kids to THEIR school so that they can boost their school’s status, their school’s
rankings. In reality, these interviews take place mostly to gauge your INTEREST in that
school. I hope you can get the idea by now– in order
to have your interviewer falling all over themselves for you, all you need to do is
demonstrate a vested, detailed interest in their school, and you’ll get a glowing interview
report. Now, before I get into the step-by-step process
on how to get your interviewer to absolutely love you, I’d like to introduve you to our
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help by real former Ivy Leauge admissions officers. I know Crimson works. I can actually prove
it to you. Let’s show the graph? Yeah, that’s right. Crimson students are 4-5x more likely
to get into top schools than the average population. So, if you’re serious about college, I seriously
recommend Crimson 100%. Use the link in the description to receive
a free consultation from an Ivy league admissions expert, in which they will assess your profile,
talk about your relative chances at your dream schools, and will give you information as
to how Crimson can help you on your college application journey. It’s super easy, free, and helpful– just
take the 5 minutes out of your day and I guarantee you later down the line you’ll have saved
hours of stress over your applications. Okay, so I’ve released the secret of college
interview success. Well now, it’s time to do some research on the college, and I’m not
talking about looking at the US News rankings. You want to know the school’s available
majors, location, mascot, strongest departments, anything there is to know about the school
that can be Googled online. That way, if any of those things come up during your interview,
you won’t be embarrassed to talk about them, because you’ll know what you’re talking about.
And, knowing a lot about the school will indirectly let your interviewer know that you’re seriously
interested in going to that college. You can also use your knowledge about that
particular school’s strongest departments when you’re inevitably asked “Tell me
about yourself.” For example, Princeton’s undergraduate Chinese program is potentially
the best in the entire United States, so when my Princeton interviewer asked me this question,
I went on for about 5 minutes about this study abroad program I got to do in China. My interviewer
knew that Princeton was especially strong in the Chinese department and so they were
able to connect the dots and know that I actually did research on the schools I was applying
to. Now, possibly the most important part of the
interview is the “end.” And no, I’m not talking about the strength of your handshake.
What I mean by the “end” is, when the interviewer asks YOU to give any questions
that you may have about the school. A lot of times, students will just say “nah, I’m
good,” and that’s the end of the interview! This is a big mistake, because this is when
the interviewer can open up and start having a real conversation. They’re done with the
questions that they have to ask every student. Now it’s time to demonstrate your interest
in the college. That said, do NOT ask questions just for the
sake of asking questions. Examples of BAD questions are: “Can you double major?”
“Is there Greek life?” These are all really important things to know about before applying
to a college, so why are they bad? Well, you can look all of these up online. Wasting a
real person’s time on answering these questions is sort of disrespectful. Also, it shows that
you really haven’t done your research on this school. So, when you’re coming up with questions
to ask your interviewer, and you’re not so sure if they’re good or bad, ask yourself
this one question: Could I find an answer to this question, on Google? Examples of good
questions would be: “I’m a really social person, but I’m not that interested in Greek
life. I know that ⅓ of students at your school participate in Greek life, but if I’m
not in that ⅓, can I still have a really nice social life?” OR, something like “I
know that you guys have a really strong economics program, but it seems that a lot of your graduates
go straight into the workforce– is it uncommon for a graduate of your school to go into graduate
school for economics?” You should try to prepare maybe 2-3 of these
sort of questions for each interview, and once the interviewer starts responding, think
of follow-up questions, so you can start a conversation. The goal is to start talking
about something that BOTH of you love, which in many cases, will just be the college that
you’re applying to. When you’re on this topic, the positive energy will flow, which,
in turn, will allow your college interviewer to get super excited about YOU and your enthusiasm! I hope you guys enjoyed this video, let me
know in the comments what you’d like to see next: Ivy League Myths Debunked OR Building
the Ultimate College List? I’ve already written the scripts for both of these videos, it’s
just a question of which one I get to filming and editing first. Also, if you want more
videos, hit me with a LIKE: it really helps and keeps me up late at night writing, recording,
you name it. Thanks!

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  • The way you articulate and use your body language is very impressive! I really want to brush up on those skills myself, so could you give me some advice? I would highly appreciate it Greg

  • Man this channel honestly has the best content I've seen relating to the questions my age group commonly has, (High school, teenager). Thank you so much Greg for existing

  • Why does this video only have 430 views? I am starting to think that colleges do not want these types of videos to be online because it will tell students the truth abour how college admissions work lol

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  • Geez. Your advice is kind of very low value add. And, you got deferred? I got accepted straight in. Hint: I went to a different college than you. I got accepted straight in there too.

    SAT Prep is completely unnecessary if your SAT scores are already strong. One week of practice tests is all that is needed to ensure a good performance.

    Good luck with your career in China. (Do you realize you will be competing with Chinese professionals?)

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