Could Donald Trump actually be impeached?

Could Donald Trump actually be impeached?

Donald Trump is in the biggest mess
of what has been a very messy political career. There’s already been the Mueller investigation, his handling of the border crisis, his firing of James Comey, and all the shenanigans
that went on during his presidential campaign. But now the Ukraine scandal
is threatening to outweigh all of that. It’s looking like Trump could be … impeached. You can’t impeach a president for doing a great job. So what is impeachment? Impeachment is a step in the process
of removing a president from office. A process that could end
with Trump being told: you’re fired. You’re fired! You’re fired! You’re fired! Get out of here! A president can be impeached
for treason or bribery, or the rather vague
‘high crimes and misdemeanours’. High crimes and misdemeanours
isn’t really defined in the US constitution. But it essentially means, you know,
having been up to no good. News presenter: Five people have been
arrested and charge with breaking in the headquarters of the Democratic
National Committee. Presidents have been impeached before. But it doesn’t happen often. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998. He was accused of obstructing justice
and lying under oath. I did not have sexual relations
with that woman. I misled people. Including even my wife. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868. Johnson was seen as too sympathetic
to Confederate leaders in the wake of the American civil war. He was ultimately nobbled when
he fired his secretary of war. The House of Representatives was preparing
to impeach Richard Nixon in 1974, after people connected with Nixon’s
re-election campaign broke into the Democratic
party headquarters, Watergate, and Nixon tried to cover it up. But Nixon resigned
before he could be impeached. I shall resign the presidency
effective at noon tomorrow. They’re pursuing an illegal, invalid and
unconstitutional bullshit impeachment. If Trump is impeached it seems likely
it’ll be over his dealings with Ukraine. But long before we found out
about Trump asking Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, there were already moves to impeach the president. In fact, one particularly keen Democratic
congressman began calling for Trump to be impeached in May 2017. This offence has occurred before
our very eyes. And even before that infamous Ukraine phone call,
Trump was already under investigation for things that could have led to impeachment. Things including: paying off a porn star following
an alleged affair; his refusal to release his tax returns,
and whether anything nefarious is exposed in those returns; profiting off the office of president, like in his DC hotel, where
numerous foreign dignitaries have stayed; interfering with Robert Mueller’s
investigation into Russian election interference; firing James Comey, who
was head of the FBI. So how would Trump be impeached? It’s the House of Representatives
that decides whether to impeach a president. Someone will present ‘articles of impeachment’. Essentially, documents detailing
the accusations against Trump. The articles are then voted on
by the House judiciary committee. Democrats have a majority on the judiciary
committee, so that could be plain sailing. Then the entire House of Representatives
– 435 congressmen and women – vote on whether to impeach. If a simple majority vote to impeach, then Trump is impeached. 225 representatives have already
said they support impeachment, so that kind of seems like
a done deal: Trump will be impeached. But being impeached doesn’t mean Trump
will be packing up his golf clubs, bathrobes and golden chairs just yet. It just means everything moves to the Senate, where things get a little trickier. Impeachment means a president, in this case,
Donald Trump, is essentially put on trial in the Senate. In there, the 100 senators, two from each
state, act as the jury. If a two-thirds majority of the senators
vote to convict, then it’s bye bye Trump. Bye bye! Bye bye! Bye bye! Bye bye! Bye bye! Of course, the whole process is lined
with potential political pitfalls. Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat, had been
reluctant to start the impeachment process. It could galvanise Trump’s rock-solid
‘make America great again’ base who already see the president as
the victim of a grand deep-state conspiracy. It’s a waste of time. Because it seems like it’s biased. Do you have any regrets? No, I would vote for him again. On the other hand, about half
of the American public are now in favour of impeachment. Perhaps voters will appreciate the
Democrats’ bolder stance. What we do know is that right
now 53 of the 100 senators are Republicans. At this moment in time,
they might not be keen to give their president the boot. But, this is Donald Trump. Who knows what could come up between now,
and a Senate trial. And if public opinion continues
to turn against Trump, don’t be surprised if some
of his Republican colleagues start to turn against him too.

100 thoughts on “Could Donald Trump actually be impeached?

  • Trump wont be impeached. Most people are tired of Democrats having accusations after accusations and coming up with nothing. It's a boy who cried wolf at this point

  • You filed a copyright claim on one of my videos for what? A white corporation like The Guardian does not own the right to black oppression. Take the strike off my video and unblock it my videos are meant to educate and the 3 minute video of a hour long video you filed about has to much information in it for you to block it. But we know who runs and operates this organization and what your character really is

  • The speaker is so vague and glazes over the topics with nothing but hot air. Get a real job and not just your opinion. Try facts for a change.

  • Trump takes full advantage of this immature social media platform. It's fun and entertaining for many people but when you take an honest look at it, it's scary and dangerous.

  • The military cannot disobey a direct order from the Commander in Chief,and that is proved by him ordering Our Military to cut and run for the first time in Our History,what does anyone think is going to happen when not if our lunatic orders a nuclear strike anywhere?

  • If it does happen, he won't be voted out! Just not enough votes to allow. So it would be for nothing. Trump , will win in 2020 regardless of this nonsense. 🇺🇸

  • It's ridiculous for anyone to believe Trump will successfully be impeached. This is obviously a political stunt by the partisan secret way it's being handled. A waste of time. A joke.

  • The Guardian is just as lame as the American liberal media. Disinformation agents. Regarding the current impeachment hysteria, you can all read the transcript and listen to what Zelinskyy said regarding that call. FISA DECLAS is coming and you’ll finally have to change your slanted programming

  • LOL!!!! I was hoping you would have evidence to impeach this President but we Democrats have NO EVIDENCE to impeach Trump! Freakin Republicans are mocking us because they know we have nothing.

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    In Syria terrorism is finishing with Turkey's operation

  • It's about as likely as the world ending in 12 years. Thanks to this he will get re-elected. A massive own goal by the democrats…..

  • Kind of a stupid headline for the video. Of course Trump will be impeached but the real question is, will republicans in the senate stand up for our constitution and get this scumbag out of office? They have tried to ignore most of everything Trump has done so far. Will they grow a spine? Be real patriots instead of party defenders? Will they hold Trump accountable for his crimes? I guess it took the republicans quite a while to stop defending Nixon so we'll have to wait and see what happens this time.

  • before you make a video on YouTube please get your facts straight… 1,Clinton wasn't impeached… they let him stay and finished his term.. 2,throughout the Mueller investigation there was no concrete evidence that proves Russia involved in the election… if these two points of yours can be debated.. so I am sure the others can be too

  • 3:04 'someone will present articles of impeachment' < ie the deep state alphabet soup agencies.The lobbyist's puppets then vote on that. I'm no fan of DT but this is nuts. It will strengthen Trump who will be reelected in a land slide if impeachment fails. If he is deposed there will be blood in the streets. Far better for the Dems to run a straight election campaign and win at the ballot box, putting the Mrs Clinton disaster firmly behind them.

  • They started impeachment before he took office! Bad move! Wait for him to commit a crime first! Now impeaching Democrats will happen

  • No president has ever been "impeached." Articles of impeachment were brought forward by the house…. Then Senate voted and the Senate has never impeached a president. Nixon would have been the first, but he left.

  • The Dems are so desperate. Look around. They are desperate to the level of completely ruining their own party with lie after lie, lowering the ethical bar to levels NEVER seen in modern times.

    The Guardian is pretty desperate to compile such a story and pass it off for the "low information / no information" voter in the USA. Sadly, the Trump Hating Crowd (and all of the America Haters) will salivate when viewing such tripe, eager to see America and our president drug down into the dirt where they live.

  • When Trump wins overwhelmingly again including the popular vote, perhaps all the baloney will finally stop. Once Trump gets in again, I hope Nancy Pelosi will finally hang it up and enjoy her retirement.

  • Liberals, get a life!!! No president in history has given more money to charity than President Trump, but you continue to refuse to see that, don't you, you selfish, self righteous hypocrites?

  • Trump was already impeached before he was President.
    All Impeachment is is claiming Donald Trump committed a crime.
    Impeachment can't actually get someone out of office.
    Sure a few Presidents in history quit after they were Impeached but they can't be kicked out.
    Trump hasn't done anything to be Impeached he's the best President and the most honest President we ever had.


  • Has anyone ever thought that if TRUMP is going to be Thrown Out , which seems very likely he will .

    He is still the MOST DANGEROUS man on the planet .
    What if he wants to go out with a BLAZE of GLORY!

    What if he gives a DIRECT order to LAUNCH NUCLEAR ICBMs from Nebraska or from Subs on IRAN .

    Will the people in charge of these weapons do what they trained to do ? Knowing he is going to be thrown out !

    Everyone knows he has LOST his mind with POWER! But still the FOOTBALL is always beside or near him.

    People think of these consequences !

    He has the POWER to DESTROY the ENTIRE PLANET! In about 9 mins .

    What would the Military do ? The Airforce in Nebraska and the Navy in Subs.
    Would they “DISOBEY “a “DIRECT order from their OWN COMMANDER and CHIEF ?

    Every person in America all 318 Million of you should realize this. He is like a cornered RATTLE SNAKE! With a NUCLEAR PENDENT around his neck !

    Surprised CNN’s Don Lemon or his side kick haven’t brought this up on LIVE TV.
    I think if he did the FBI and SECRET SERVICE would be there in minutes to ARREST him on AIR if necessary!

    Think about this people!

    Think about this when you go to BED tonight !

  • Impeachment really, when? An Englishman or Ausy, wherever you're from should not give a damn what's happening here in the USA.

  • Impeachment means nothing if you just don't get the majority in Senate and as you will see tomorrow, I can tell that the vote about the inquiry will come in a tricky way for Dems and Pelosi. Maybe, some of the Dems will vote NO, and all the Republicans. Then, ummm…..

  • We love MR President Trump.. the best President the USA has ever had. The world elite want him gone and will stop at nothing. TRUMP will blow the whistle on Hillary & Obama’s corruption

  • the guardian is misleading the people,he was asking Ukraine to investigate Biden about corruption and it has nothing to do with politics.

  • Trump should employ Filibuster and Violence in Congress tactics to fight the passage of the impeachment against him, and then follows by organizing massive Republican Protests for defending Donald Trump, further escalating the protests into crisis until the Democratic Party finally backs down.

  • The articles are drawn up by the Judiciary Comm, not presented to it. The polls in ‘favor’ of impeachment might mean only that people want to get it over with — knowing the result — so we can move forward.

  • The stupid Democrats are walking into a political trap with impeachment. President Trump's lawyers might invoke the tu quoque defense in the Senate and call Obama era and Clinton era officials to prove that Democrats did the same things he is accused of doing. The investigations by John Durham, Attorney General Barr and various inspectors general should be completed by then making it easier to drag the Democrats through the mud.

  • Nothing in that list even comes close to being an impeachable offense. I love the one about having a hotel where international dignitaries have stayed. Seriously?!! THE MAN OWNED THE FRICKIN' HOTEL EONS BEFORE BECOMING PRESIDENT. What was he supposed to do, sell off all his real estate when he became president? I could gho on and on, but that one alone exemplifies the ludicrousness of the "list" of charges.

  • It sounds like to me the Democrats are delusional and Donald Trump is the best president we’ve ever had they been trying to impeach him since 2017 so that right there case closed

  • Keep in mind that Trump was asking Ukraine to investigate the Bidens for what Trump thought was some type of illegal activity. From what we have seen thus far, the Bidens are likely guilty of something. If they decide to impeach Trump, the impeachment inquiry will be an investigation into the Bidens as much as it will be Trump. If they find that the Bidens are guilty, is it then outside of the authority of the President to request information about the Bidens activities in Ukraine? This may not go down as the left is hoping. Very suspenseful.

  • He'll not be Impeached because he hasn't commits any crimes… His transcripts show's nothing wrong all president of the United States of America do the same thing as Trump did. That's phone calls was not in secret , that are already under investigation issue by the Attorney general

  • They want him impeached , because they ( dems ) know he’s gonna take 2020 !! … my elementary age kids show more grace when they lose 😂😂😂 !

  • Dems: We want him impeached !!!!
    Congress: Can you cite a crime that he's committed?
    Dems: Well …… no – but we still want him impeached.
    Congress: On what grounds?
    Dems: Because we hate him.

  • Dems: We want him impeached !!!!
    Congress: Can you cite a crime that he's committed?
    Dems: Well …… no – but we still want him impeached.
    Congress: On what grounds?

    Dems: Because we hate him.

  • Dems: We want him impeached !!!!
    Congress: Can you cite a crime that he's committed?
    Dems: Well …… no – but we still want him impeached.
    Congress: On what grounds?

    Dems: Because we hate him.

  • Total witch hunt. Dems have been trying to get rid of him since he took office. No proof of any wrong doing since 2016, so I’m guessing they don’t have evidence, again. Just wasting our taxpayer dollars on these pointless investigations.

  • No one is ever going to want to be president anymore. These days becoming president just means half the country goes to war with you and tries to destroy you 365 days a year.

  • ♫ "Winds in the east… mist comin' in… like somethin is brewin' about to begin. Can't put me finger on what lies in store… but I feel what's to happen all happened before." Another President is about to be impeached

  • Yes, but not because he did anything impeachment worthy. It will only happen because the opposition party happens to have enough votes to do it. Removal by the senate 100% won’t happen though. They’re no evidence of any crime being committed.

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