Zdenko Domancic behind the scenes interview for Ona magazine. Part 2/4 English SUBS

For civilization and compassion and humanity you appeal to this proportionality. Do you still have hope? The world is divided, by the spheres of interest, it is difficult to make a balance because it’s one game, so to say “match” where there is no such state throughout the years, I have seen it through the […]

What Inspired MAX’s Hit Song ‘Lights Down Low’? | Ridiculousness

– Look, lemme tell you something about “Lights Down Low”, man. Smash hit, okay. – Thanks, man. – An incredible song. What inspired it, man? – My wife, who’s actually here today. I wrote it for her, and I proposed to her with it, to get married, so. (applause) – [Sterling] That’s dope, that’s dope, […]

Michael Che’s Civil Rights Update | Netflix Is A Joke

[laughter] I like to start with race stuff because I feel like right now there’s a lot of tension. Blacks and cops aren’t getting along. I don’t know if you’ve seen the news in the past 400 years, but… [laughter] [applause] I don’t know if you’ve seen it. [cheering and applause] Apparently we’ve hit a […]

Feel Good | Official Trailer | Netflix

Are you ready for the next act? That girl’s here again. Please give it up for Mae Martin! Hi, guys. I’m from Canada. I came over in a canoe recently with Celine Dion. -Hi… hi. Hi. -Hi. I’ve never been on a date with a girl before. -Do you like films? -Do you want to […]

I Am Not Okay With This | Official Trailer | Netflix | February 26

Dear diary… go fuck yourself. My name is Sydney. I’m a boring 17-year-old white girl. I’m not special. Might help with your moods. I keep losing my temper. I don’t want to, but it just spills out. -Hey, Syd. -Hey. Stanley Barber. He lives down the street from me. Shoes, who needs them? My best […]

Best Of: Austin Powers’ Catchphrases | Netflix Is A Joke

Okay, name. Austin Danger Powers. Sex? Yes, please. Actually, my name is Austin Powers. It says here name: Danger Powers. No, no, no, no, no. Danger’s my middle name. [Man] So, who is this Austin Powers? [Basil] The ultimate gentleman spy, irresistible to women, deadly to his enemies, a legend in his own time. Let […]

Revive Austria

Austrians really care about what other people think about them. Austrians try to find their identity in other things than God. As Austrians, we just like things the way they are. We just save our money to fulfil our dreams of settling down and living a peaceful life. Pray for us, that people would find […]