Chris D’Elia Met A Russian Biker Gang | Netflix Is A Joke

[Chris D’Elia] Cubans love being Cubans. They’re so fucking excited, it’s hilarious. You know what the opposite of Cubans are? Russians. Straight up. (Crowd laughing) They don’t give a fuck. They’re mad always. You never (laughs) You never met a happy Russian ever. Ever. I can prove it right now. You never once in your […]

Celebs Who Were Unrecognizable Without Makeup This Past Decade

As fun as makeup can be, few people would deny that there is an intense pressure to look perfect. That’s especially the case for celebs — and when they share their fresh faces with the public, it can break the internet. Here are gorgeous stars who were unrecognizable without makeup this past decade. “The only […]

Dirty Money Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix

They knew it was happening. They did nothing about it. There are certain people in our global community… who think they are above all laws. It’s all political. It is abundantly clear that Kushner Companies made the lives of its tenants a living hell. No owner is above the law, not even the family of […]

Video Resume | Aditya Kulkarni | Advertising and Marketing | Toronto

If you are an advertising or marketing recruiter, hiring manager, or just anyone with industry contacts, please don’t skip this video. Hi, my name is Aditya _ ck and I am from Toronto. Well, I was born and raised in India but at the age of 27 I decided to pack all my stuff and […]

【重生之名流巨星 Revive】【云修X封景】《我好想你》人鬼情未了

Next time if you dare to miss my calls, Wait until you are death somewhere? Each and every word you tell me I will believe them. That all depends on whoever is playing the role. Sometimes its the show which brings out the talent of the actor. But sometimes its the actor that carries the […]

Text Messages to Get Your Ex Back (Full System for 2020)

so you want to text your ex back do you well sit back relax because this will be one of the most important videos you’re ever gonna watch on this subject here on YouTube now I’m just gonna I’m just gonna jump straight into it and start off by showing you this infographic that summarizes […]

How to interview at the US border(English)

Hello, everybody, my name is Gabe and I’m a medical interpreter is working in Vancouver Canada and today I’d like to explain how to the interview at the airport especially any North America like the airport San Francisco New York the JFK or LAX or even Vancouver, Canada for some people, the interview is maybe […]

The Letter for the King | Official Trailer | Netflix

If you set your mind to it… if you do what I know you can do… You… will become… a knight. The old world grows weak, and the fire that we are about to start will destroy everything that still remains. Take this letter. You must deliver it to the King. The future of the […]