Bizarre Interview With Jaden & Willow Smith. Are Your Kids Like This?

Bizarre Interview With Jaden & Willow Smith. Are Your Kids Like This?

Jaden and Willow Smith the children of Will Smith recently had an interview with the new york times now they did this because jaden is gonna release some sort of tape or album called cool tapes vol 2 sounds great uh and so they were promoting it but they got into a really lengthy discussion about a lot of stuff I don’t really understand and you probably don’t understand it either and it’s amusing beyond words now I’m gonna start off with a few questions at the New York Times reporter asked them and some of their crazy answers so the first question was really easy what have you been reading right hmm okay here’s what will Oh Smith said quantum physics of course Oh show now keep in mind that willow is 14 and Jaden is 16 okay so Jaden’s answer was the ancient secret of the Flower of Life in ancient texts things that can’t be predated okay all right uh I’m glad they’re reading interesting things yeah and so I’m proud of them in that regard uh if I their parents had like hey listen let’s keep the quantum physics a little under wrap like like people might seem might think that you’re bragging and it might get freaked out by a little bit but it appears that these kids have not had that talking to because we’re the tip of the iceberg this is just the tip of the ice right okay just the tip all right so then sue will also ask I’m curious about your experience of time do you feel like life is moving really quickly is your music one way to sort of turn over and reflect on it right Jane Smith says the following I love this answer it’s proven that how time moves for you depends on where you are in the universe it’s relative to beings and other places but on the level of being here on earth if you are aware in a moment one second can last a year mmm this hole deep continues that we continues and if you are unaware your whole childhood your whole life can pass by in six seconds but it’s also such a thing that you can get lost in okay now look so listen I’m of two minds on this okay so number one I’m actually probably kids cuz they’re trying to learn right and and I remember when I was younger I’d think about these type of issues to the time-space continuum and the card would tell me all about it and okay and so I I like them they’re they’re intellectual they’re trying to be intellectual they’re trying to seek answers okay at the same time somebody’s gotta tell them that they sound unbearable it the thing is I don’t even the reason why I’m giving them a massive pass is because I don’t think I spoke that way when I was their age but I certainly thought I knew everything right and it wasn’t until I graduated college and enter the real world that I realized what an idiot I was right life just slapped me across the face and let me know how stupid I was and so don’t get that maybe no no but they won’t you have a normal existence you’re right that’s right and that’s why a lot of these answers are so over the top right because they’re so fabulously wealthy and I’m not blaming for me they just they’re super lucky god bless their hearts and they’re doing the things with it to try and teach themselves things and they’re also got a nice career for themselves but they’ve gotta be cognizant of how lucky they are but no one’s ever given them that context so they view themselves as like the philosophers of the world in there and they’ve got educate people at the age of 14 they would tell people about you know quantum physics and OSHA for sure okay all right so after Jayden gave that very very enlightened answer about time and and how it’s all about perspective Willow Smith just responded back to him saying because living I die I die that was so good that was my favorite part of the entire interview okay and then Jaden Smith response back saying right because you have to live there’s a theoretical physicist inside all of our minds and you can talk and talk but it’s a living okay I’m gonna start using hashtag because living like hey you know I just lost you in the Bucs on a sports bet hashtag because living okay so um again their parents it appears are encouraging them which is not a bad thing now there are rumors that the Smiths are Scientologists so that’s why they might be more into their uh different theoretical pursuits of the mind right and now there’s lot of energy and etcetera and some of them make sense right and in terms of time space theythey see things that are like I when I read this don’t get me wrong I mean I don’t think the kids are stupid at all actually think they’re quite bright oh yeah right I get the sense that they’re actually very curious about life which I love I think that’s the best quality that a person can have right uh at the same time it doesn’t mean they’re right yeah okay I mean we’re gonna get to them what are some of the themes that recur in your work and Jaden says PCH being one of them the melancholy nosov the ocean the Mele colonists of everything else hmm a specific Coast Highway which they have an excellent view to because they live in a mansion off the Pacific Coast Highway and then Willow says and the feeling of being like this is a fragment of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made this kekkai you know what look again that’s kinda stuff I might have said when I was younger right like as I was any if you read my old notes in my notebook you be like oh hey willow oh this is the girl who put out that song I whip my hair back and forth which you know she’s probably not her like I I love her like this is I I just I feel for because again I’ve been in that place and so view and I think she did there was 12 and of course she’s is enormous advantage of use of who our parents are but nonetheless it’s sold well cuz people liked it I know it’s highly produces cetera but she’s a 12 year old at the time she’s making a song about her work hair whips around right she’s moved past that and now she’s hashtag Rocha yes actly more questions uh do you think of your new music as a continuation of your past work I mean with my hair was a great thing when I look back I think wow I did so much for young black girls and girls around the world telling them that they can be themselves and not be afraid to be themselves and I’m doing that now but in a whole different way coming from source energy and universal truths they okay see this is where this is the part I dislike the most yeah that’s what I would have liked tackled her if I was our parents the mill the interview be like don’t say about all the things that you’ve done for people okay you’re 14 years old II ain’t done dick for other people and just you think because that sounds like you’ve got this extreme she thinks is he’s like Harriet Tubman or something okay bring it down okay you did a song called whip my hair you didn’t liberate young black women across the world bring it down yeah okay and again we like you overall we think you’re smart we think you’re we like that you’re have intellectual pursuits down 10 to your 10 you get it – I gotta read more from willow people be like oh I’m not gonna make a song about exactly how I feel all the bad ways that I feel and put it out for the world so everyone can judge me but for me it’s part of me it’s my artistic journey the second part is my favorite that’s what I do with novels they’re know novels that I like to read so I write my own novels and then I read them again and it’s the best thing I would tackler again right there okay you can’t say that there are no good novels except the ones you’ve written especially when you’re 14 okay so it’s obvious that was happening the SIP Smith family household is non-stop positive reinforcement like these are the parents who are like like the kids never do anything wrong they’re like daddy’s in there and they float in a world where they’re writing non-stop novels which are the best novels effect only novels he reminds me of that old silly Turkish chant his turkeys the biggest country there’s other countries even big Willows novels are the only novel there’s other novels that are is right so I in a nice way I wanna say like I love your pursuit now let’s remember that there other people on the plan and they might not like what you’re saying

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  • So much disrespect, you guys are like 60 and you've got nothing better to do than sit behind tables and criticize some teens, who by the way sound very intelligent to me, who are just speaking their minds. GET A LIFE ASSHOLES. AND A REAL JOB.

  • there over the top because they see the bigger picture not just money and what there mum's and dad's told them x

  • I can't believe these guys are actually this stupid, I know you shouldnt say anything if you can't say anything nice, but wow, the ignorance is mind baffeling

  • Si ves este comentario antes de ver el video, evitate la perdida de tiempo y el malestar que provoca la ignorancia y estupidez de este par de energumenos, porque no se les puede llamar ni periodistas,son extremadamente absurdos… run away of this video

  • The only thing these little minds would have on their notebooks as teenagers would be things about wanking or make up, how can these two tell anyone how to act , respond or how to be, poor them they are so old and still living in the box people created for them.

  • This dude is so obviously threatened by the fact that teenagers are smarter than him. What was that about the king lowering the ground around him?

  • Wau when she started to laugh at their believes i wanted to slap her so bad … those kids Are wiser at 14 and 16 than she's gonna be in her whole life … most close minded people i've ever heard talking . You should Really think About What you Are putting out There especially on internet

  • you guys are passing judgment on 2 individuals for being open minded and seeking a higher education outside of the system REALLY ? , you guys went out of your way to try and mock ppl and ended up being the mockery your selves the irony lmfao clowns . stay in your lane !

  • They say big words, but they do not put them in proper sentence structure. I am not judging them, I think they are unique but they blabber a lot, just to sound smart and like they're not from Earth.

  • People need to stop putting kids in a box. Tired of seeing grown adults acting like they’ve never been kids. If an adult said the same shit as jaden and willow it suddenly makes it ok and justified

  • What the heck?? Jaden and Willow are experiencing life as more then what one would feel it. They are exploring things of the world. Its amazing how smart they are and how in-tact they are with themselves. I feel like the reports are coming across to them saying their crazy and need to suddle down. To be just like everyone else. Its bullshit!!

  • What is the problem with young people being intellectual? Or having intellectual thoughts about life and existence. Do these people want them to be drugged out cell phone zombies like every other teenager? Honestly it's amazing that these children are learning stuff like this so early instead of on their deathbed or when it's too late. Honestly belittling intellectual people makes you look incredibly foolish.

  • they may be young but they are old souls like me i`m a starseed and they are the indigo so i understand everything that they say

  • Hey morons – you are probably jealous of your lack of IQ compared to the Smiths. Reading Osho and Quantum Physics at 14, notwithstanding creating music a thousand times better than Beyonce, the kids are living their truth much more times than you dummies.

  • what a mistake this video was. allow their minds to move as they may and watch where you track the dirt on your shoes. no matter how ridiculous something someone says, no matter the age, it can either be perceived as intelligence or ignorance. as we can clearly see through Willow and Jaden's creativity in music and discussion, they are very intuitive to the world around them. THESE two people obviously need a little step to see over the fence! you guys are a bit short!

  • I freakin love these kids responses – knowledge is power – we all know that and that all of Hollywood is in the know of whatever – hate the commentators in the video

  • they're on the right path and it's sad what the media portrays to the public about the truth
    making the truth look like total stupidity


  • Some of the replies the youngsters gave were spot on. They live in a totally separate lifestyle from ninety plus percent of children their age. I think their parents religion is a source of some information shared. I think that their minds have been opened to thoughts far beyond their age and I find it impressive on many levels. At the same time simplicity and speaking with someone on the level they are communicating is also respectful and can be an act of humility. Have any of you ever spoken with someone versed in Scientology? I find it interesting and was never moved or felt an urge to debate or debunk. I am strong in my own convictions and the best versed or most informed student of their craft is not going to make me join in their logic unless I see it worthwhile. It's ok for them to be different and I think they were taught and given information that helped them form these ideas at the same time being told it's their freedom of thought. The seeds you plant determine the crop, quite often Will can be a bit peculiar as time has gone by and his thoughts are based on some interesting perspectives. At the same time he can be very down to His children….not so much. The oldest child seems to be very down to earth and a bit more well rounded in a worldly fashion. He communicates well on any level. The important thing is they do seem to have a lot of love. After all their deep thoughts and search for truths and scientific reality….they will eventually return to Mother Earth.

  • Listen, children. Using grown up big words does not make you intelligent. It actually makes you look stupid when its obvious you have no clue of their meaning. Your problem is that you have no attention span. You hear the word, "philosophy" or "astrophysics" blurted out and think, wow, they're smart. Ask these kids to explain either of those two topics and you will hear silence or total gibberish. Become an adult before you speak like an adult or look like an uneducated little twerp talking about things you know nothing about.

  • 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 "people" don't like what you're saying… So…… Does that mean you need to bring it down a notch and stop saying it?? 😂 🤦🤦🤦🤦

  • He said "remember there are other people on the planet" as if that's reason for her to be humbled and bring what she is saying down a notch… 😂🤦 These two old idiots are just an example of how ignorant old people can be and how children truly are the leading edge.. old people become irrelevant as time goes on and evolution of consciousness occurs.. these two are clearly intimidated. Fear from becoming irrelevant.

  • Whip my hair was written for her when she was 9.
    Try listening to the actual music that she writes…
    Dont reporters research the people they report on 💀
    She's liberated me 😂😽

  • By trying so hard to make a point about boundaries, these kids are in a trap of a sort- they are rendering themselves unable to function outside of a small sect of the population- Hollywood and Hollywood ideals. much of that world is an artificially created feeding and breeding ground for sameness and conformity to that way of life. ironic because Hollywood believes they are free of convention and tradition. it can be a bubble of expected behavior, especially now with so many children running around with an absurd amount of money and power. cognitively, I think this can be dangerous. when lines are blurred, there is risk for children in particular- I don't care how intelligent or savvy they are.

  • Anyone ever think they read the science stuff cuz they r interested and they rnt tryna teach anybody

  • I’m a teenager who loves philosophy and spiritual things… I like to meditate and collect beautiful crystals and think about life….. I’ve always been this way. And I will always stay this way.

  • Those kids are so unintelligently queer. Obviously an imbalance of parental reinforcement in their lives.

  • These two “people” appear so narrow minded. I guess Jaden and Willow should be reading world star, smoking a blunt and drinking a 40 ounce. Jaden and Willow are brilliant. Don’t listen to these racist ignorant haters.

  • So relieved to read the comments! This video really backfired on your channel guys and I love it.

  • Ya’ll wish your daddy’s paid for this level of education. Steady bringing people down. You idiots act like you don’t have the same 24 hours

  • This is all under the satanic mind control agenda Hollywood is controlling I really don't see how hard it is to understand what's going on, are u Al blind? They are promoting new age spirituality which is a false and dangerous reaching of demonic possession & influence.. I'm Gona pray this evil control they have in Hollywood is BROKEN over Thier heads in the name of Jesus Christ our LORD! Open your eyes to the truth of what's going on.. I was a new ager in spirituality until I realized how dangerously dark & misleading all this false worship to false idols such as Budda kundalini yoga meditation etc truly is. When they asked what do you read? Those poor kids would have been better answering with THE BIBLE! I mean are they teaching there children here.. shame on will & pinkett 👎

  • Theses people are pretentious asssholesss
    How can it be bragging if someone asked them & they simply replied???!!!

  • Kids are awaken. They are young and they educated themselves even though they don't have to and they have confidence how dare they. This "adults" are acting like small minded stupid kids who knows everything about the world even though none of us know anything really. I would rather listen to those kids who have something interesting to say than these "adults" who lives in their own close minded world about which they obviously know everything so they can laugh because haha this kid is suggesting that this world is something more than what we see with our eyes.

  • I have been working on ego so I try really hard not to judge others but these two adults are pathetic. They are a prime example of what is wrong with this society. They discredit what these kids say because first off they don't understand. They claim that because these two kids come from money or scientology their opinions and intellect don't matter? I think it is great that they have been able to feed their intellect and expand their consciousness. Too bad more of the world won't follow suit. The world will be transformed and saved by the likes of these children and millions more like them. There are plenty of people walking up now and the indigos, rainbow children, the starseeds. Lightworkers and empaths will lead the way.

  • They are not smarter than us, they are just more aware of the truth by readings and researchs…we are asleep and we don't even know it!

  • This is disgusting! Bashing young people for being intelligent? I just… I can’t believe what I’ve just heard.
    I realize now more than ever that TYT is part of the American Problem just like Fox News and are all in need to be shut down to not spread such corrupted and ignorant hate. I am ashamed and can’t believe I ever trusted these people as news sources even if for a second.

  • This video should really be taken down. Can’t believe two grown ass adults feel the need to tear down teenagers for being different and thinking differently. They keep saying they aren’t hating, but it really sounds like they are. They need to get over themselves.

  • Wow, a bunch of idiots commenting , mostly teenagers and dumbass kids.. The whole interview with these kids is funny and sad, bc they wanna learn and be different but are so out there that they just seem to be repeating things they've read.. Its funny. Lazy ass parenting is the cause.

  • It doesn't matter what they said about anything, it doesn't matter what you think about it, they said what they knew and it wasn't wrong till you said it was. It doesn't have to make sense to be true cause everyone has their own truths.

  • This is a very sad excuse for journalism. I can’t stand how close minded and condescending TYT is. These kids are clearly more intelligent than both of these two reporters combined.

  • The reason you both struggle with the Smiths awaken insight is due to your lack of awakening … they are wise souls come to Earth to learn their own purpose not be judged by close minded confused humans

  • I bet these people on this panel look back at this video with a slight feeling of embarrassment in themselves now. 🙃

  • Crazy how they have always been judged for being ahead. Teenagers now can barely read and are glued to their phones but you laugh on their intellect 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Dumb ass bitch and that dude to . How lucky they are …. pfff people need to wake up y’all don’t know what’s going on and I don’t blame the unawakened souls. Maybe y’all will understand in next life😉 Jayden willow 👽 bless my brother and sister for bringing the light 💡 to those that are ready for it 🌙 . That bitch and that dude soul got a long journey to go 🤣

  • why are youuuu haaatiiing lmfaooo damn you made a whole video hating on a 14 and 16 year old for being smarter than you even want to admit

  • Maybe ppl should use their comprehensive skills like we were thought in grade school, to communicate with others…

  • These two made me sick I couldn’t even finish watching. Jealousy, envy, and self hatred at its finest 🤢🤮

  • The only deduction one can make watching these two is how insufferable it would be to be raised by judgmental anti-intellectuals like these anchors.

  • Unaware ignorants. That's what these two people are. It's a shame to see how dark and blind the industry really is

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