Basic rules and preparation before interview (Important tips)- Ashish Patel

Basic rules and  preparation before  interview (Important tips)- Ashish Patel

hello everyone what’s up guys back again with
another video my name is Ashish and in this video I’ll be talking about things
that you actually need to implement in your day to day life to become a cabin crew and
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informative and I’ll be talking about five golden rules so let’s get this
started now rule number one rule number one is all about good communication
skills you know there are lot of people who ask me questions like how do i
improve my english and they tend to fumble a lot they have lot of hesitation when
they speak and I’m sure this is very common and the one who can read and
write it’s not so easy that they can get the good fluency when they speak so need
not worry about it because I’m going to do some simple ways. you can get the
newspaper you can get the mirror and go to the rooftop early morning or
whenever you get time okay and place the mirror on the wall and hold the
newspaper in your hand and you need to shout out really loud when you read the
newspaper okay check the words and shout out really loud and you have to see your
expressions in the mirror okay you know what will happen you will open up your
jaws like aaa eee oooo when you shout out really loud while reading that will help
you to open up your jaws and that’s really going to help you start doing
that from today onwards apart from that you can select ten different words in
Google and start implementing them in your sentences when you speak with your
friends start using such words in messemger while you chat okay apart from
that you can start watching good English movies and start listening to good
English music apart from that if you think that the words you are pronouncing
it’s not correct so check for the correct pronunciation of the words in
Google okay ensure that the words are clearly pronounced
okay apart from that you can do online courses there are free online courses
available where you can improve your grammar okay and start reading novels
start reading short stories moreover you have to think every time in English instead of thinking in your regional language you have to think in English okay talk as
much as you can in English with your friends with your colleagues with your
relatives with your parents try to communicate in English that’s really
going to help you guys alright rule number two is all
about a good behavior and how do we get it done bring a sweets fun your face
first of all and whenever you meet anyone start with good phrases like how
are you sir how are you ma’am hi how are you doing
use words like me I shall I please thank you my pleasure my apology I’m sorry
excuse me sir excuse me ma’am whenever you burp out
say I’m sorry excuse me yeah and whenever you come across people
from different profession like let be a Salesman that’d be a cleaner let be a
driver let be a shopkeeper I’d be a vegetable seller start respecting people
take their opinion there’s no harm in taking opinion be very polite be very
humble do not lose your temperament okay show lot of courtesy empathy okay that’s
really going to help you because you will come across lot of passengers in
flight and you will be under observation all the time and your good behavior will
definitely reflect and it will create a good impression so ensure you are using
such words and you are being very polite and humble being very calm and composed
okay .Rule number three rule number three is all about having a
good knowledge so to ensure that you have to keep a track off news related to
aviation and hospitality and that you can get it done in Google because that
will help you to stay focused towards your dream job the determination
dedication will always be there okay check the names of CEO contributors
people in top-level management okay check when the airline started their
operations the golden dates check there awards and excellence that’s the
research and homework that you have to before the interview and when you keep a
track on regular basis you don’t have to rely on last-minute preparation that
will already be feed in your brain so also learn from the hotelier learn
from the receptionist ask like how do they deal with the situations when they
come across any angry customers or when things get really complicated okay get
in touch with people from aviation ask like when they can apply for job and
keep a track on the airline websites as well like have already taught you in the
previous videos okay so a good knowledge is always needed when you appear for the
interview your research and homework has to be done well in advance okay rule
number four rule number four is all about these strengths and weakness that
you possess make a list of strengths and weakness and save it as your mobile
wallpaper so that whenever you check your mobile you can keep a track of your
weakness okay and you can work upon it you need to ensure that you are being
very punctual you are not crossing the deadline on any assigned tasks okay be
self dependent and do not rely on anyone first of all get the logical
explanations to your problem tackle the complicated situation and if it’s beyond
your control then ask anyone for help be a good team player try to have a proper
coordination your team okay because cabin crew always work together
as a team okay and you need to ensure that you respect someone else opinion as
well okay don’t be clever and don’t be selfish okay try not to get involved to
any kind of arguments okay be far away from arguments that’s really going to
help you to become a cabin crew rule number five rule number five is about
things that you can add to your daily schedule that would be like going for
the workout doing meditation doing yoga eating healthy food okay
make sure that you do cleansing toning and moisturizing of your face on regular
basis because I have already talked about the requirements your skin should
be free from blemishes and scars and pimples so pipe and product and use such
products so that you can get a good glowing skin okay and ensure that you
are perfectly fit and fine for job when you do workout and yoga you will be
absolutely fit and fine okay and also you can add additional language you can
learn different languages if you have that’s easy to learn because that’s
really going to help you and that will be an added advantage all right so it
was really good to have you guys today and thank you so much for joining me and
the back again soon with another video I’m gonna sign off now
bye bye

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