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Travel Summarized: Blue goes to Iceland

So in blue news, I graduated this past month which is very exciting, and to take a little bit of a break in a vacation, my girlfriend and I took a trip to Iceland, Denmark and Greece, which is very exciting. But also since I’m a chronic workaholic who can’t leave well enough alone, I […]

Catch-Up On The Season Premiere Of EMPIRE | Season 3 Ep. 1 | EMPIRE

I can’t wait! Leave me alone! -Hakeem– Shut up! Bring your ass back here. Look at all these damn people out here. Any one of them could be feds. And so you know what? Keep my mama at home. Make sure she’s comfortable, and call me. OK? [inaudible]. Come on. OK, where’s Andre? [screaming] No! […]

Value of Volunteering | Your South Florida

I think we have a lot of very generous people in this community with a desire to help. They just don’t know how. Once people understand what it is to receive help they are motivated to provide help. It’s the season of giving. We look at why volunteering is good for your community and good […]


Hi and welcome back to my channel. Getting to assist a top stylist is every aspiring stylist’s goal, but how do you make sure that you will keep your job for the long run? Well, working on major commercials, music videos, editorials, and red carpet events, I hired and fired many stylist assistants in my […]