Shakespeare Summarized: Twelfth Night

You know what makes any story ten times better? “EVERYONE HERE IS MALE” Cross-dressing “Not Sure If Dude Looks Like A Lady Or Lady Looks Like A Dude” That’s right. This is a look at Shakespeare’s famous play about gender confusion . A little something called “Twelfth Night” for some reason. “OUR LOVE CAN NEVER […]

Let’s Summarize – The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Hello and welcome to The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening summary. You wake up after being shipwrecked and the first thing that pops into your mind I really need to get off this island. So you get the shield. Yep, still works. Go out to the beach to get your sword. Wait… Why am I […]

How To Get Over Your Crush πŸ’ž The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia | Netflix Futures

– Hey guys, I have an eight-step program for how to get over a crush. – Why am I so distracted? – Maybe it’s because you like Tad, and well, look at them. – Oh, yeah. (audience laughter) – Good for them! – At the end of this, you will not only be over your […]

Dee Rees Was Inspired By 70s New Hollywood for The Last Thing He Wanted | Netflix

We wanted the film to have that kind of ’70s sensibility, even though it was set in the ’80s. So it just has this kind of warmth to it, it has this kind of grain, it has this kind of like, breathing kind of feel. The film, in terms of cultural inspiration, comes directly from […]

Finding a Business Partner and Managing Business Operations: The 3 Pillars of Business

Yo, what is up guys and we’re back here with another video I’m off a red bull right now So I’m super hype got a lot of energy pumping through my veins. I think they can see that But today is one of the more important videos that we will be filming and these are […]

Make your CV stand out and don’t make it too long – ProTip

I think the most important thing is to not make your CV too long a lot of people want to get a lot of information in there as possible we’d always advise to keep it around two or three pages maximum make sure you get all your companies you’ve worked for in there short bullet […]

Kevin Hart’s Guide To Black History: Henry “Box” Brown | Netflix Is A Joke

You know what? Here. Take a look at this. (trumpets play) (upbeat music) (tapping) What’re you doing? (tapping and swiping) What’re you doing? I think the battery’s dead. Ain’t no batteries in it, give me this. This is a book! Sweetie, let me tell you about a man named Henry “Box” Brown. See, he was […]