Audrey Hepburn Dutch Interview for Premiere Magazine 1959

Audrey Hepburn Dutch Interview for Premiere Magazine 1959

Pros Verbruggen: I’m not a Registrar, but my first question! Where were you born? Audrey Hepburn: Here in Brussels. PV: In Brussels! AH: I’m very proud to say it. PV: You speak Dutch very well, with a bit of a Dutch accent. How is that? AH: My mother is Dutch and I lived in Holland during the war. I lived there for eight years. PV: You lived there for eight years. And did
you return to Belgium afterwards? AH:I went there a few times, very short, but
it’s great to be here again. PV: You started an acting career a few years back. How did you start? Did you follow an acting class? AH: Well, I have danced, I started my career as a ballet student. In Holland. And I went to London as a ballet student in ’48. And then slowly, one thing led to another, I played very small roles (including) one movie in London. Then I got the opportunity to play Gigi in New York in Theater. And the same year I auditioned for Roman Holiday. PV: So the movie Roman Holiday… AH: In 1952. It was a great year for me. PV: But it wasn’t final. There were more actresses for that role? AH: Yes, they were selected. The role was not meant for me, no. PV: You have worked in London, you’ve worked in new York, then you went to Hollywood. How was that? Was it very different? Was it like how one reads it in publications and newspapers? How was it exactly? Can you explain it in a couple of words? AH: It’s not like people read in magazines,
because it’s either pretty or not so pretty. I have to say I love working there very much; I have a lot of friends. As you know, the movie industry is very old in Hollywood so there is a very high standard. I’m not sure if I’m using the right word now. PV: Yes, you said it right. And what are actors like among themselves? AH: I really love to work there. PV: And is there a nice atmosphere? AH: Oh yes, a very serious atmosphere. It’s
such a pity one doesn’t read about that more often. It’s always about things that
happen, but one reads so little about the early mornings and having to be in the studio
in the early morning, about hundreds of people who are ready to work, and do so the entire
day very seriously. There is a very serious atmosphere because everyone takes their work very seriously. PV: Do you have any preferences for a director?
You’ve worked with Billy Wilder. AH: Actually, I don’t really. I have been
very lucky, as you know, with the directors I was allowed to work with, that is really
the only thing I can say. PV: Paris has had a very obvious role in your
movies; there are quite some roles of you in- AH: Yes, so peculiarly, in my whole career also when it comes to theater. Because, Gigi,
as you know, is from origin French, from Collette, and the second piece I played in New York
with my husband, Mel Ferrer, was Ondine by Jean Giraudoux. And with Sabrina.. in the
story of Sabrina I am from Paris. In Funny Face I’m going to Paris. It is often something
like that. Paris has brought me lots of luck. PV: You have not met your husband in Paris,
have you? AH: No I haven’t. PV: Do you like musical movies? AH: Yes, very much. It’s lovely to work
with music all around you. Which is what you’re doing. PV: The reason for you to be here is of course your movie The Nun’s Story which was filmed
partly in Belgium and partly in Belgian-Congo. Belgium was of course no new territory for
you, but how did you find Congo? Did you not have any difficulties with the temperature
while you were working? AH: No, not at all. No. I would love it to
be very interesting and to be able to say ‘ooh it was so hot and I fainted every day’
but it wasn’t like that. It was VERY hot but I rather liked that because at least I
can say that, and it was.. It was terribly beautiful. I would love to go back one day.
My husband doesn’t know it yet and I would love to go back together I thought it was
stunning. PV: And the role itself, in the movie? How
did you find that? AH: It was a difficult role. Difficult and
I have worked very hard, like everyone else, we did our very best, and I hope the public
will notice this. It was also a very serious subject, and I hope we did it credit. PV: Then a classic interview question, are there any plans? AH: At this moment very few for me. My husband is going to direct another movie, so we’re
flying back to LA tomorrow morning. So, well, he is going to work and I am going to tend
to the house, like all other women do. PV: Well, Mrs. Ferrer, I want to thank you
very much for this interview and of course I wish you luck with your career, with your
movie career, like all your movies till now have been such a success.
AH: Thank you very much.

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  • Who knew doing subtitles on youtube could take ALL DAY! Lol.  Thank you oneballerina and thefayef for your help translating the video! Enjoy everyone!

  • I don't speak a single word of the dutch language n yet I m watching the whole interview n smiling as if I understand what she is saying…I bet the interviewer is falling for her too:)

  • Am I the only one who finds it more charming that she could speak Dutch than that she could speak French? I know she spoke around six languages, but I feel like French is expected of her. Dutch is lovely being spoken by her. (And I say this as someone who has studied French for the last ten years.)

  • Classy, elegant, kind and charming woman 🙂 thank you for posting this and for the captions. She even sounds beautiful in a language I don't understand.

  • This Woman was every ray that comes from the sun. Absolutely divine.
    LOVE your channel an the effort you take to keep the Eternal Angel breathing life into out souls.
    Thank you.

  • i have 30 years old and is very dificult see a woman like her, so class and charming you don´t find so easly

  • beautiful amazing splended duch is so perfect and more perfect in Audrey's tongue. nice interview took us to the beautiful period of late 1950s in which even though i didn't live i love evrrything about those years

  • It's interesting how accents and dialects change over time. I find her Dutch remarkably easy to understand! Much easier than the Dutch that is spoken today in both the Netherlands and Flanders. I wonder how that happened.

  • Just insert the translation of Dutch & English!
    Pros: welcome: I'm not a Registrar, but my first question! where were you born ?
    Audrey: Here in Brussels.
    Pros: You speak Dutch very well with a tad Dutch accent, why is that ?
    Audrey: My mother was a Dutch and I have lived in Holland during the war, 8 years long have I been there
    Pros: 8 years! And then you come back to Belgium ?
    Audrey: No, I'm still been there few times …. but I happy to be here today.
    Pros 0.40: You are a film career started, have you play!.
    Do you have a training for certification?
    Audrey: I started as a Ballet student in Holland and after that, I went to London as a Ballet student, that was in 1948. And gradually, came from the one the other …I have played smaller roles in the film. And then also the opportunity to play Gigi in the theater in New York. And when that same year I also have a test done for Roman Holliday (1952). …………… a good year for me (laughs well)
    Pros 1.25: When those tests were done was the star of the Roman Holliday not yet referred to? There are several actresses who have been offered for the movie! Or was that role really only aimed at you?
    Audrey: No, that was not meant for me, no.
    Pros 1.42: You have worked in London, in New York, danced in Hollywood! How is that better than expected, how is that? Or is it as you read in the newspapers, how can you say that in a few words?
    Audrey: No, in the daily newspapers become always more beautiful suggested either the opposite!………… I have to say that I very much love to work there, I have lots of friends and … as you well know, the film industry in Hollywood for a long time and there is a very high provisional level! (ask, I don't know if I got that right say)
    Pros 2.34: And there is a good spirit among the actors!
    Audrey: O, Yes, there is a very serious spirit, it is a pity that this is not more often reads! The people are very early in the studio with hundreds and they all stand ready to very seriously to work all day long to be, there's a very serious atmosphere!
    Pros 3.10: Do you have a particular preference of Director? Such as Billy Wilder?
    Audrey: Actually not! I was really very lucky (as you know) with the directors with whom I have worked, and that's the only thing I can say.
    Pros 3.32: Paris has played a very important role in a lot of movies from you ….
    Audrey: Yes, strange isn't it! because all the way in my career, also in the theater because "Gigi" as you well know is of the French story submitted by Colette. And the second piece what I've played New York with my husband Mel Ferrer was "Ondine" of Jean Giraudoux! And with the story of "Sabrina" I come from Paris and with "Funny Face" I go to Paris …. and thats often been such a thing, it has brought me good luck.
    Pros 4.10: You have not met your man in Paris (joke of the reporter) ….. but
    Audrey: No (Laughs)
    Pros 4.15: but that's also been a great luck!
    Do you like musical movies?
    Audrey: Yes, very much, because it is wonderful to work with music with everything around you what one actually does.
    Pros 4.26: And the reason you are now actually here is The movie "The Nun's Story", which is in part turned in Belgium and in the Belgian Congo!
    Belgium is obviously not strange for you. But how did it go in the Belgian Congo? Do you have difficulties encountered, issue of temperature, atmosphere?
    Audrey 4.47: Not at all………….(funny) I would love to be interesting and oh, it's so hot and I passed out………. but it was so not, it was very warm, that's been nice to be able to say (laughs)…. but it was very nice, I would love to want to go back! My husband knew it yet and we want to even go back together …. I loved it!
    Pros 5.10: And the role in the film, how is that bad for you?
    Audrey: It's a very difficult role, and I worked hard (like everyone else) and we have done our best and I hope the public will experience this … and it was a serious issue and I hope we have done justice to!
    Pros 5.39: And, one last question, a classic question during an interview, what are the plans?
    Audrey: At the moment, very little for me! My husband is going to direct another movie and tomorrow morning we go to Los Angèles and he is going to work and I do (laughs), the household as other women do!.

  • So much grace.. her inner beauty shines through. She seemed fragile and strong at the same time. One of a kind. <3

  • I don't speak dutch; I've learned German and Afrikaans in school and thanks to those two, I followed and understood most of what was said.

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