An Interview with the Leader of the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 106)

An Interview with the Leader of the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 106)

100 thoughts on “An Interview with the Leader of the DPR: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 106)

  • "Only innocent civilians of the DPR are being murdered"
    "Ukraine is responsible for deaths of Ukrainian loyalists aswell"

    Why would Ukraine cause the death of the people they are fighting for. The people who stand with them in Ukraine's euro integration. Even if Kiev started the war, you can't blame them for deaths that you caused. Also, what he is saying is that no Ukrainian is an innocent person. Look at top of comment to get an idea why I said the above. If you shell and bomb a place like, say, Mariupol, you are responsible for the deaths that these cause. The DPR protested against a leader that would align with the EU, because they want to either join Russia or be aligned with it. Protesting against a protest that ousted a leader and gave another leader. Don't they think that the new government is trying to steal their land as an illegal fascist junta? Refresh my mind because its dying of old age. Last time I checked, DPR was born in 2014 and isn't even recognized as a country yet. So in those terms, it never was DPR land. It was Ukrainian land that they controlled. They seized government buildings too. Would someone not send army men to sort that out? Heck if I know! Please answer the question.

  • Another crazy Russian. I'm with the Ukrainains on this one. It was because of Russia invading and taken that base that this has happened

  • this is fucking vice bullshit news again. and again a bunch of brain dead westerners in the comments that are conditions to hate anything russia, they just absorb what they see on vice or any other mainstream outlet and accept it as truth.

  • Говорит о символах государственности, а в кабинете флаг русский и портрет путина висит!

  • This guy is more full of shit than anyone I have ever seen. Obviously he and his "new country" have done and are doing nothing wrong whatsoever. Everything is the Wests fault. Makes me laugh.

  • And I see all of these comments regarding the Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. If they want Russia to rule their "Russian Minorities" so much, then why is every single one of them currently drawing up Military plans to fight back against the Russian Federation if they try to cross their borders? I dont see the EU and US telling them how to run things….they are doing it because they saw what Russia did with the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

  • США и РФ организации военных,все организации военных для преступлений только!

  • Sick mind, uneducated idiots and mercenaries made own country. Cvilian planes killers living in own criminal paradise. Thay will recive soon all own made hands shit from all sides….

  • Wtf are you questioning ? Did you guys are interested about heavy weapons in Ukraine provided by NATO? How they've murdered people and especially women and children in Donetsk ? You fucking soros backed journalists. Ofc you cannot ask these questions because they are not question at all.

  • Truth revealed…bullets holes on plane…
    Anyway….vice is going biased against the pro russia…the questions asked are provocative

  • a bloke with a thief face who is another putins puppet.. scenario is same as used to be in czeczenya….he will be stealing money with his wife who controlls 150 groversy shops but people will be living in poverty

  • Do you receive a different treatment by the Pentagon or the State Department ?! It's just that your BIASED BIG TIME and you will never show those situations .I' ve personally seen a US spokesperson not wanting to answer a question or dodging it on the very same grounds . SO WTF , the world is spinning , that's what you revealed know MORON

  • Why's he blaming the US? It's Poo-tin that instigated the war through willing cannon fodder like this prick just like he said "we started the war". Fucking cod piece!!

  • notice how he can't even look Simon in the eye when he says that the Ukrainian Air Force shot down the passenger jet. Compulsive liar

  • "one of my ancestors met up with Americans on Elba."
    didnt the soviet troops there try to kill a bunch of civilians? but the americans said no?


  • Один из родственников у него воевал с американцами на Эльбе, другой против американцев во Вьетнаме, бабушка прошла лагерь в Рейкьявике(!) и сейчас он сам воюет против американцев на Донбассе. Браво, президент которого вы заслужили! Украинцы, огородитесь стеной и колючей проволкой от этих зомбаков, они ведь инфекционно-заразные. Весь адекватный мир с вами и лишь такие же тупоголовые как этот клоун будут поддерживать болезнь под названием "народные республики"…

  • Chicken shit Obama was scared to send arms to the Ukraine Army. Trump has been doing this. The US also killed 200 Russian mercenaries in Syrian back in February during an attack on a US/Kurdish base.

  • Good riddance you murdering, lying piece of garbage. Sell your soul to the Kremlin and look how they repay you, rot in hell.

  • It took long enough but in the end, this criminal asshole met his maker 8/31/2018 in a firery bomb blast in Donetsk. For all the sons of Ukraine your murdered in Iloviask and Debaltseve, it's only going to get hotter for you when you join Givi in Hell!!

  • Don't talk about new Russia just because Russia his Powerful more powerful than anything if you are stupid he have to go University to understand how powerful Russia is

  • He was a good man. Now he is in our memories, while the other side of murderous ogres and orces, is rotting away in their graves, maggots chewing on their Bandera entrails. It's a shame how, misguided Banderas murdering their own brothers in the east. For a few American dollars and empty promises.

  • Лично наблюдал как сбивали)))))) С кобзоном теперь наблюдай))))

  • Hey VICE news – why don't you answer the question that I've regularly posted on your channel about the large number of female members of your staff who claim they have been sexually harassed by your male crew? You still haven't answered that one! Lying hypocrites.

  • A defector should be a defector all life. To invite colonial enter and kill your people is a big sin you have made.

  • The fool "number one"in Donetsk is dead.Finally!!The number one clown now is pushilin.hope,u will be dead too,but not soon😂😂😂DONETSK ITS UKRAINE!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦💪FAME TO UKRAINE!!

  • RESPECT to Aleksandr Zakharchenko …. The Malaysia Airlines Flight 17  was shot down by Ukrainians NAZIS in False Flag operation to create public sympathy and secure unlimited weapons supply from NATO !! Russian gain NOTHING from the incident and ONLY the NAZI that benefitted from this hineous CRIME !!!  !!!

  • This motherfucker wearing a tee shirt and mumbling the whole time 😂 listen if I had his job I wouldn’t give any fucks either this dude is basically a puppet dictator who doesn’t have to make any of his own decisions and gets to roll into work looking like this, and treat foreign journalists that come 5000 miles too see him like shit. Zero fucks given

  • Funny, first reaction was that he saw two planes after the crash, then he said he saw the planes first a only then the Boeing falling down…

  • It must be a great country or will be a great country where you can be thrown out for just asking a question out of the line.

  • the only language these mongol hybrids understand is the language of power. All the civilized world should mobilize their armies and finish Russia once and for all.

  • Both sides views are fucked…land is just land. NOTHING is worth dieing for.. learn to work out shit and not use a gun you heathens..

  • When you can not ask the questions you want to ask as a reporter,your political system is not there to serve the people.

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